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The JMU Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is staffed by faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. In each academic year, some of the faculty members volunteer to collaborate with clients regarding statistical questions. Unfortunately, not all consulting requests can be accommodated due to time-constraints. In general, we can assist in experimental design, sample survey, data analysis, interpretation of results, and statistical computing issues. The consultants have expertise in a variety of statistical software, including JMP, Minitab, R, SAS, STATA, and SPSS.

Projects that offer co-authorship for the statistical consultant will be given priority. Typically, within three business days, you will be notified (a) of the contact information of the statistical consultant who accepts or (b) that all statistical consultants are declining.

SSC Frequently Asked Questions

Any member of the JMU community, including faculty, staff, undergraduate, and graduate students, may use the service. We are also interested in working with members of the community or local industry. We are willing to assist with a wide range of project scopes, including undergraduate research projects, Master's thesis research, Doctoral dissertation research, individual faculty research, as well as grant research. We will not assist undergraduate or graduate students in cases where such assistance is judged to be inappropriate by their instructors or advisors. Consulting requests from students must be emailed directly from their faculty advisors.

Please contact us as early in your project as possible, preferably before you collect data. Ideally, you would contact us before writing proposals for funded research so that we can assist with the statistical content of your proposal. If warranted, the consultant may join in your proposal.

Please understand that the university does not provide any financial support to the statistics faculty who volunteer their time for consulting. There is no hourly fee for consulting with undergraduate students, graduate students, or faculty who have no relevant funding sources available. Depending on the project and our level of involvement, the individual consultant may request co-authorship or other suitable compensation.

Consulting with individuals or groups outside of JMU would be on terms agreeable to the individual faculty consultant.

Please email the following information to the consulting coordinator at The more information you provide, the better we can match you with a consultant.

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Please indicate whether you are JMU Faculty, Staff, or not at JMU
  • Department
  • Research topic
  • Are you able to provide funding for the statistical consultant? Please explain.
  • Will the statistical consultant be listed as a co-author on your manuscript? Please explain.
  • Reason for your consultation
  • Do you already have data?
  • What is your deadline for receiving assistance from a consultant?

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