Web buttons

CTA Button
Arial 14px, bold, all caps
Padding: 20, 10, 20, 10
Line-height: 18px
bg-color: #450084 or #FFBD00
rounded-corner: 5px
Hover color: #8F66B5 OR #FFCC3E

Form buttons
Arial 14px; all caps
Padding: 15, 5, 5, 15px
bg-color: #B2B2B2 text color #595959
bg-color: 450084 text color #FFFFFFF

In cascade, apply the style "yellow-button" or "purple-button" to the text.

  • A button should never contain more than 20 characters.
  • A button should never be more than two lines of text.
  • Don’t have more than one yellow CTA button on a page; multiple CTAs can be purple.
  • Avoid grouping multiple buttons of different styles together.
Color with buttons

Purple buttons can be used with light purples, gray and gold background colors; yellow buttons work with light purple backgrounds, gray and gold, and the lightest secondary shades. Do not put the buttons on any other background color than these: 

Social icons

Use images from this set of icons.

google plus
google plus
google plus
google plus
Download Icon Download Icon Download Icon Download Icon Download Icon Download Icon Download Icon
Video button

When including a graphic that links to a video, place this button graphic over the image. For example, this image is a still from a Holiday video, and the button overlay implies that clicking it will take you to the video. 

play button

Light button
Download Button

play button

Dark button
Download Button

Play Button

Purple button
Download Button

Play Button

Gold button
Download Button

Next Buttons
Factoid overlay

Image size:

1000px by 600px


Factoid overlay:

480px by 124px

  • Background: white, 70% transparency
  • Size of the large number depends on the number, but should be large and attention-grabbing. Balance the number with the amount of text beside it. There should be 15px of padding between the content and the edge of the overlay.
  • The button is 40px tall, with 10px above and below the text and 20px to the left and right.
  • Save as a PNG, to preserve the transparency.

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