Design Elements

These standards are part of the University Style Guide, and relate specifically to the requirements of email. All emails representing James Madison University must conform to the following standards:

Email logo guidelines


Emails should use the wordmark; do not use the JMU logo in emails. There should be no more than one use of the wordmark in an email. Follow the wordmark standards in the Style Guide.

If you are using a department, college, or office mark:

  • Use a mark that uses JMU brand colors.
  • Do not use a graphic that is blurry or pixelated.
  • Do not use a version of a mark that includes the JMU wordmark. 
  • Any text in the mark must be legible.
Email colors

Dark Purple

for titles, background color, linked text, buttons


use for icons, graphic elements

Light Purple

use for graphic elements, background color


Dark Gold

use for titles and graphic elements

graphic elements

Light Gold
background color


HEX #333333

paragraph text, captions, subheads

Light Gray

background color

only used for buttons

Email typography


All emails use the font Arial (fallback of Helvetica, san-serif) in the following sizes: 

Heading One: 26px

Used for headlines

Heading Two: 20px

Used for subheadings

Heading Three: 22px

Department name in the email header

Paragraph: 16px; line-height: 24px

Image guidelines for email

The human brain processes images 60x faster than text. When designing your email, break up the text with images to make the message visually appealing and scannable.

Images in email must meet the following criteria: 

  • 72ppi 
  • RGB color mode
  • Ratio of 5:3 is encouraged
  • Each image must have alt-text so that if the image doesn't load in the inbox your content is not compromised.

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