Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Vaccinations

 When will faculty/staff at JMU get vaccinated?

Per the VDH vaccine phase guidelines, faculty and staff at institutes of higher education will be vaccinated in phase 1c. Those with job roles that specifically align with 1a or 1b specifications, may be offered vaccine earlier than 1c.

 Phase 1b includes education. Why are faculty not being vaccinated in 1b?

Phase 1b provides specific guidance for vaccinating childcare workers and pre-K-12 educators. Faculty at Institutions of Higher Education are specifically assigned to phase 1c.

 Who determines when I get vaccinated?

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) sets the vaccination priority and the Central Shenandoah Health District (CSHD) determines who meets the vaccination priority and then schedules a vaccination appointment with the identified individuals.

 I heard that other Institutions of Higher Education are vaccinating faculty and staff already. Why is JMU not vaccinating faculty and staff?

JMU faculty and staff with job roles that align with VDH 1a guidelines have been offered vaccination. As our local health district moves through phase 1b, those with job roles that align with this phase will be offered vaccine.

 Who is currently getting the vaccine?

For up-to-date information on local vaccination efforts visit:

 How will VDH know I meet phase guidelines for a vaccine?

Self-register your interest in receiving the vaccine.  All JMU faculty, staff and graduate assistants should visit to pre-register for vaccination if they have not already done so.  You may also visit that site to see if you are already pre-registered for a vaccination.

In addition, Human Resources and the University Health Center are preparing lists of employees who meet the criteria for phase 1b and 1c based on their job duties and responsibilities. JMU will send these lists to VDH as the local health department prepared to vaccinate specific occupations within each phase.

 Will JMU have vaccine clinics?

JMU is partnering with VDH to provide weekly vaccine clinics on campus. These clinics are run by VDH with support from JMU. Vaccine appointments will be offered based on the VDH Vaccine Phase Guidelines mentioned above.

 I registered using my personal email but JMU provided VDH with my JMU email. Is this going to cause a problem?

No. Monitor both emails and sign-up for the first vaccine offered.

 I work at JMU which is in the Central Shenandoah Health District but live in another health district. Where do I get vaccinated?

You can get vaccinated in either the health district in which you live or the one you work in. Take the first vaccine appointment offered.

 I live in West Virginia where can I get vaccinated?

If you work at JMU you can get vaccinated through the Central Shenandoah Health District or through your home district. Take the first vaccine appointment offered to you.

 How can we stay informed?

We encourage everyone – employees and students alike – to stay up to date on the latest vaccine information in Virginia by visiting the VDH's vaccine response site , or you can pre-register for the vaccine at to receive weekly updates from VDH.

 What can we do while we wait for a vaccine?

  • Maintain physical distance from other people.
  • Avoid crowds. (Being in a large group will increase the chance that you will be around someone infected with the virus and that the virus will spread to others.)
  • Wear masks.

Even after receiving a vaccine, we will all need to continue following these guidelines for our community's safety until the VDH lifts restrictions.

 Are JMU employees required to take the COVID vaccine?

Employees are not required to take the vaccine. Choosing to be vaccinated is a personal and voluntary choice of the employee.

 What if a JMU employee does not want to be vaccinated?

Choosing to not be vaccinated is a personal and voluntary choice of the employee.

 Are there any laws that mandate COVID vaccinations for employees?

There is no law requiring that anyone receive the COVID vaccine as a condition of employment.

 Are JMU employees required to provide their COVID vaccine record?

Employees are not required to report their COVID vaccine record.  In addition, the reporting request does not imply a directive by JMU that an employee must be vaccinated.  In fact, an employee receiving and/or reporting a COVID vaccination is completely voluntary.

 Why is the university asking me to voluntarily provide my COVID vaccine record?

Sharing the vaccination record with the university is voluntary, and helpful for several reasons. Generally, JMU will use the information to maintain the public health and safety of our community. The information also helps with case investigations and allows JMU staff to better answer questions for those who make inquiries about quarantine.

 Does the university’s correspondence and request to voluntarily report a COVID vaccination violate HIPPA?

No, our correspondence and request to share vaccination information in the MyChart application do not represent violations of HIPAA.

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