The Madison Honors Leadership Council serves as the student government body for the JMU Honors College, representing the interests of Honors students, developing community through events and service projects, and working with Honors staff to develop programs and initiatives that are student-centered. Madison Honors plays a direct role in shaping the future of the Honors College.

Applications for 2022-2023 will open in September 2022.

Questions about MHLC? Contact President, Layla Abbud.

Madison Honors Leadership Council
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MADtalks are fun, interesting, and inspiring talks given by students, faculty, alumni, and friends of JMU and the Honors College. Sponsored and organized by the Madison Honors Leadership Council, MADtalks are open to everyone in the JMU community.

Visit Honors College events for upcoming talks.

Current Members
Executive Committee

President: Layla Abbud (Biotechnology, Pre-Med, '23)

Vice President: Madison Chang (Biology, '23)

Treasurer: Zachary Fleming (Secondary Education, '24)

Historian: Erin Meier (Kinesiology , '23)

Service Chair: Megan Gillespie (Communication Studies and Disorders, '22)

Social Chair: Griff Splan (Health Sciences, '23)

Social Secretary: Ainsley Momorella (Computer Information Systems, '23)

Professional Development Chair: Kritikia Shah (Economics, '23)

Professional Development Secretary: Kelly Riley (Intelligence Analysis, '23)

Service Committee

Chair: Megan Gillespie (Communication Studies and Disorders, '22)

Amy Beladia (Political Science, '23)

Vivian Eccelston (Communication Sciences and Disorders, '23)

Ryan Gavin (Finance, '22)

Megan Gillespie (Elementary Education, '23)

Grace Gordon (History, '22)

Meghan Lankford (Communication Sciences and Disorders, '23)

Claire Larson (Biology, '24)

Claire Leidinger (Computer Information Systems, '22)

Catherine MacMillan (Communication Sciences and Disorders, '23)

Erin Meier (Kinesiology, '24)

Alexia Munoz-Moctezuma (Psychology, '23)

McKenzie Myers (Biology, '24)

Jay Norton (Public Policy & Administration, '24)

Amber Oliver (International Affairs, '24)

Sattie Sanderson (Public Policy, '24)

Kiera Schwarz (Public Policy Administration; Biology, Environmental Science, '22)

Lauren Spar (Public Policy and Administration, '22)

Leah Wilczynski (Music, '23)

Social Committee

Chair: Griff Splan (Health Sciences, '23)

Secretary: Ainsley Momorella (Computer Information Systems, '23)

Layla Abbud (Biology, '24)

Grace Arwood (Biology, '25)

Lexie Burns (SMAD, '22)

Madison Chang (Biology, '23)

Julia Cheng (Media Arts & Design, '24)

Mackenzie Leonard (Communication Sciences and Disorders, '24)

Lexi Marty (Nursing, '24)

Social Committee, Continued

Hannah McAllister (Undeclared, '24)

Ainsley Momorella (Marketing, '24)

Jamie Panko (Political Science, '23)

Morgan Roy (Communication Sciences and Disorders, '24)

Griff Splan (Undeclared, '24)

Cecilia Wood (Nursing, '24)

Brianna Worthley (Management, '24)

Amelia Yoder (Management, '23)

Professional Development

Chair: Kritikia Shah (Economics, '23)

Secretary: Kelly Riley (Intelligence Analysis, '23)

Alexa Danielson (Undeclared, '25)

Mikayla Evans (Intelligence Analysis; Arabic; Political Science, '22)

Marina George (Biology, '23)

Maya Noboa (Political Science and International Affairs, '25)

Alyana Stormer (International Business, '22)

Emily Whitestone (Biotechnology, '22)


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