The Madison Honors Leadership Council serves as the student government body for the JMU Honors College, representing the interests of Honors students, developing community through events and service projects, and working with Honors staff to develop programs and initiatives that are student-centered. Madison Honors plays a direct role in shaping the future of the Honors College.


The application process will open in October 2019.

Madison Honors Leadership Council
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MADtalks are fun, interesting, and inspiring talks given by students, faculty, alumni, and friends of JMU and the Honors College. Sponsored and organized by the Madison Honors Leadership Council, MADtalks are open to everyone in the JMU community.

Visit Honors College events for upcoming talks.

Current Members
Executive Committee

President: Matthew Reed (Economics, '19)

Vice President: Tricey Splan (English, '19)

Treasurer: Megan Link (Geographic Science, '20)

Secretary: Madeline Tirado (Anthropology, Arabic, '21)

Service Chair: Alexandra Wilson (International Affairs, Communication Studies, '19)

Service Historian: Amanda Christian (Communication, Spanish, Political Communications, '20)

Events Co-Chair: Tiffany Corbin (Hospitality Management, '19)

Events Co-Chair: Katie Stankard (Geographic Science, Political Science, '20)

Events Historian: Catherine Pierce (Media Arts and Design, Independent Scholar '19)

Service Committee

Chair: Alexandra Wilson (International Affairs, Communication Studies, '19)

Historian: Amanda Christian (Communication, Spanish, Political Communication, '20)

Amanda Arrain (Health Sciences, '20)

Jessica Besnier (Engineering, '21)

Devin Boehmer (Computer Information Systems, '19)

Regan Hein (Anthropology, '20)

Isabel Kerr (Media Arts and Design, Writing, '19)

Kelly Johnson (Quantitative Finance, '20)

Rebekah Jones (Communication Sciences and Disorders, '20)

Megan Link (Geographic Science, '20)

Andrew Parr (Political Science, '19)

Brittany Sheffield (Intelligence Analysis, Geographic Science, '19)

Madeline Tirado (Anthropology, International Affairs, '21)

Events Committee

Co-Chair: Tiffany Corbin (Hospitality Management, '19)

Fall 2018 Co-Chair: Norman Ellis (Public Policy and Administration, '19)

Spring 2019 Co-Chair: Katie Stankard (Geographic Science, 20)

Historian: Cathernie Pierce (Media Arts and Design, Independent Scholar, '19)

Saleem Aboite (Accounting, '19)

Molly Bruce (Intelligence Analysis, '20)

Austin Crouch (Computer Information Systems, '20)

Events Committee, Continued

Reagan Flewelling (Intelligence Analysis, '21)

Alexandra Heath (Communication Sciences and Disorders, '20)

Christopher Huber (History, Military Science, '19)

Peyton Kennedy (Theatre, '20)

Emma Klein (Sport and Recreation Management, '21)

Haley McAllister (Undeclared, '21)

Kathryn Preziotti (Psychology, '19)

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