Realize Your Growth

What is the ePortfolio Initiative?

ePortfolios are digital spaces that you curate to communicate and contextualize your academic and co-curricular skills, experiences, and learning. Through the use of artifacts and reflective writing, you choose what counts as evidence of your learning.

You realize your growth.

Why should I build an ePortfolio?

Make connections. Gain insights. Shape who you are. Develop your identity. Demonstrate growth. Highlight your strengths. Organize the information that matters to your story.

Showcase your journey at JMU.

How do I get started?

JMU Honors began a 4-year rollout of the ePortfolio Initiative in fall 2020. Each year, all incoming first-year students receive a Portfolium log-in. This user-friendly platform is a simple tool to create your ePortfolio. To learn more, contact Dr. Alysia Davis.

Why Portfolium?

Portfolium is an easy-to-use platform to feature your best work. You can get your account set up in less than 15 minutes, network with other students at JMU and at colleges and universities around the world and integrate your ePortfolio with Canvas and other online content. It’s easy to market your knowledge and skills to potential employers and graduate schools with Portfolium. PLUS, you keep your Portfolium account active for free even after you graduate.

Student Resources

The process of creating an ePortfolio is highly rewarding. The resources below will guide you through the process. Visit the JMU Honors Portfolium Network to see a range of ePortfolios created by current students and faculty.

For feedback on your ePortfolio, make an appointment with Dr. Alysia Davis or send her an email.

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