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Mary Ta

"I did my Honors capstone project in the History Department and spent months working on a 70-page thesis. It was so tough but rewarding, and only now as a first-year Masters student am I realizing how TRULY rewarding it was to be in Honors. JMU Honors really helped me feel totally prepared for higher education."

Mary Ta ('13), Honors alum, History and Justice Studies

The Honors capstone project is the culminating experience of your Honors academic career. The capstone project represents an opportunity to conduct research or engage in a creative endeavor in which you work independently, with faculty guidance, to synthesize and share a final product or handiwork related to a topic and skill sets of your own choosing. Your capstone is usually completed during the final three semesters at JMU. Most often, project topics are related to the major discipline. However, some students elect to work on more interdisciplinary projects related to their long term personal and professional goals. In all cases, these capstone projects are completed under the guidance of a faculty mentor and a faculty committee.

Not an Honors student but still interested in completing an Honors capstone project?

If you have a 3.50 cumulative GPA or higher, you may complete an Honors capstone project through the Track III program. The indication of graduation With Distinction in your major is placed on both your diploma and transcript and the Honors College will give you a medallion to wear at graduation.

Current Students & Faculty
Visit the Honors College Handbook for detailed information on procedures, guidelines, timeline, and deadlines.

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