In support of JMU’s efforts to promote the health of our campus community regarding COVID-19, we have developed instructions for a variety of situations. Please click the links below and contact us if you have questions that are not addressed here.

Our COVID-19 FAQ has answers to many of your questions as well as general information about the virus and tips on how to protect yourself.

And just a reminder: wear a mask, practice distancing and wash your hands frequently. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.

If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please follow these instructions. This includes information for week days and weekend.

The UHC is now providing asymptomatic testing though priority will be given to students, faculty and staff who have symptoms or have had direct, close contact with someone who tested positive (you should wait 5 - 7 days after contact to be tested.) The out-of-pocket cost is $55 and can be billed to insurance. Call 540-568-6178 to make an appointment to be tested. 

Reasons for asymptomatic testing include travel, visiting with at-risk family members and internship or job requirements. It is important to note that COVID-19 testing provides test results for one period in time and does not capture illness immediately after exposure. If you are not showing any symptoms but are concerned that you were exposed, you need to quarantine before and after testing to ensure the test is accurate and that you were not exposed after the initial contact.

Rapid Antigen and PCR Tests for COVID-19

The UHC laboratory has the ability to perform in-house rapid antigen and rapid PCR tests for COVID-19. However, these tests have specific clinical indications. Due to limited availability of the rapid PCR test and the need to save these tests for acute diagnostic testing, they will not be used for “screening”. Some states are requiring proof of a negative test when traveling to that state and a rapid antigen test may be acceptable. If you are seeking a screening test for COVID-19 related to travel, please determine which test you need (the state’s COVID-19 website is a good place to start.) The UHC can perform the rapid antigen test for these purposes. If your travel requires a PCR test, please call to speak with a nurse to determine how that may be best accomplished. We have been getting consistent 48 hour turnaround time on our PCR tests sent to LabCorp but this is not guaranteed. 

Call 540-568-6178 to make an appointment for any COVID-19 testing. 

This information is subject to change. We will update this website as the situation evolves.

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