We take health seriously and are committed to supporting the student body. And while we offer many services at little or no charge at the University Health Center, accidents or serious illnesses may require a hospital stay or other specialist. Without health insurance, these medical expenses can be overwhelming. But you have options, and it is probably more affordable than you expect. In fact, for many it could cost close to nothing depending upon your income.

Health Insurance can be confusing so we’ve made it easy for you. McGriff Insurance Services, a local insurance broker, partners with American Exchange to provide insurance expertise for currently enrolled JMU students and their parents/guardians.

On American Exchange’s site, you can learn more about the options below, determine eligibility, look at plans and pricing, and even self-enroll if you would like.

Options to consider:

  1. Enroll in insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace (i.e., the Public Exchange)
  2. Purchase short-term medical coverage on an individual basis
  3. Apply for Virginia Medicaid
  4. Enroll or continue coverage under your parent/guardian’s health insurance plan until age 26
  5. Contact an insurance agency of your choice (in your hometown or in the Harrisonburg area)

American Exchange (a licensed enrollment specialist) can assist you with option A or B, and their dedicated site for JMU students can link you to the application for option C.

If you need assistance, you can contact an American Exchange licensed enrollment specialist one of these ways:

  1. Call American Exchange at 888-995-1674
  2. Email info@americanexchange.com
  3. Use the chat box on the American Exchange page. Please identify yourself as a JMU student (or parent/guardian of a JMU student) to the representative.

Most students can afford health insurance. We encourage you to look into these options to find one that works best for you.

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