James Madison University does not have a requirement that its students carry health insurance (except for international students). Although the University Health Center does not accept nor bill insurance for any services provided at the clinic, we recognize the vast benefits of carrying a health insurance plan. Enrolled students that have paid their student fees for the semester are able to schedule an appointment at the UHC at no cost for the visit, and nominal charges for any additional clinic fees they may incur with their visit. Accidents or serious illnesses happen and may require a hospital stay or a visit to other medical specialists. Without health insurance, these medical expenses can be overwhelming, but you have different options to ensure you are properly covered.

Here are a few options to consider:

  1. Continue coverage or enroll under your parent/guardian’s health insurance plan until age 26.
  2. Purchase short-term medical coverage on an individual basis (up-to 3 months)
  3. Enroll in insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace
  4. Apply for Virginia Medicaid. This includes out-of-state students
  5. Contact an insurance agency of your choice

Navigating all of your Health Insurance options can be confusing. American Exchange, a licensed enrollment specialist, has been helping JMU families find the best insurance options for a number of years. Their staff is well trained on all of the policies within Virginia, and can help you determine which of the options above are best for you. To connect with one of their agents, you have a few options:

  1. Email enroll@americanexchange.com
  2. Call American Exchange at 888-995-1674
  3. Visit their American Exchange website and use the chat box function to connect

For all of these options, make sure to identify yourself as a JMU student or parent and the licensed enrollment specialist will be able to help you find the best plan for you while you attend JMU.

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