The University Health Center provides health care and learning opportunities that help students be well, stay well and do well.


To have every JMU student choose to engage with our health services, programs or resources.


Well-being and Care: So that students and staff can live productive and meaningful lives

Innovation and Flexibility: So that we possess the willingness and ability to pursue changes which benefit us, our students, and the campus community

Empathy and Compassion: So that we not only can understand the needs of others, but have the desire to help fulfill those needs

Inclusive and Adaptive Environments: So that we and the people we interact with have a positive and meaningful experience

Respectful Relationships and Collaboration: So that we can work harmoniously with each other and external partners to achieve individual and shared goals

The University Health Center is here to help students maintain good health at JMU.  We are your partners for expert medical care, innovative health education programs, and valuable resources for self-care - all provided in a state-of-the-art facility by talented and dedicated health professionals.  Good health is an important ingredient in student success, thus our team of board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, dietitian, pharmacist, professional health educators, substance abuse prevention specialists, and others is here to serve each of you in a confidential, professional and student-focused manner. 

The University Health Center currently does not bill insurance as a form of payment for services.  If there is a charge for any service rendered, the student is responsible for payment at the time of service and a receipt is provided so you can submit charges to your insurance company.  Sentara RMH Medical Center provides Orthopedics and Sports Medicine care in addition to X-Ray Services at the UHC.  Call the SRMH Business Office at 540-564-5900, or toll-free at 800-858-0383, for insurance or billing questions in regards to SRMH services.     

The University Health Center will not provide students with excuses for short-term absences from class, labs, studios, exams, or deadlines due to illness, injury, or other UHC appointments. In the event of a prolonged illness or injury requiring medical attention and an absence of more than three days, the UHC can provide students appropriate documentation through the Dean of Students Office. The UHC cannot disclose if a student has been seen at UHC. The UHC will not release medical records to faculty, only to students. This policy reflects the confidentiality and privacy rights afforded UHC patients. Faculty and academic departments are responsible for decisions regarding the impact of absences on student grades, as well as any arrangements for making up work. 

The University Health Center strives to make its programs and services as accessible and inclusive as possible. Please let a staff member know if accommodations are needed or if the University Health Center is difficult to access for any reason.

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