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Earn your Master's degree at JMU

‘Given the current and future global demand for well trained and passionate health professionals, now is an ideal time to study in our department.’

— Allen Lewis, Ph.D., Health Sciences Department Head

Description of Program

This master's program permits students to earn a degree in health sciences with a concentration in nutrition and physical activity. This graduate program has been planned for registered dietitians or persons with an undergraduate degree in dietetics, kinesiology or a related area. This program is designed for the student who has an interest in nutrition and its role in physical activity.

An undergraduate degree with a major in dietetics, kinesiology or a related field is required. Courses in nutrition, exercise physiology, anatomy and physiology are prerequisites for admission to the program. Students should also check the prerequisites listed in the catalog for each course required. Thirty-three hours are required for the degree program, including a thesis or directed research on a selected topic in nutrition and physical activity. The degree program can be completed in as few as two academic years, with a maximum of six academic years. This program does not lead to the RD status recognized by the American Dietetic Association; however, students are encouraged to obtain the RD status by completing the Didactic Program in Dietetics requirements and applying for a dietetic internship.

For a list of DPD requirements, refer to; refer to for a list of all dietetic internships available in the United States.

Degree Offered

Master of Science in Health Sciences (M.S.)


Nutritional and Physical Activity

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