Last Updated: August 10, 2020

Stop the Spread!

JMU has developed detailed guidelines and procedures for preventing the spread of COVID-19.  All members of the JMU Graduate Community should carefully read these guidelines and conform to expectations that are designed to keep us all safe.  Stop the Spread Guidelines.

Are The Graduate School offices open?

As the Fall semester begins, the all Graduate School staff will continue to work remotely. We remain available by e-mail.  We are also available for online meetings by appointment.  If you would like to schedule an online meeting, please email the staff member directly; contact information can be found on the staff webpage. If you are uncertain who to contact, please email with the nature of your request and the appropriate staff member will be in touch with you shortly.

What should you do if you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19?

If you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, or if you have recently traveled overseas, you need to take steps to protect your friends, family and the community from additional possible exposure. Information about self-quarantine is on the Health Center website.  Contact your faculty by e-mail and inform them of your situation.  More information.

What should you do if you test positive for COVID-19 or if you become sick?

To protect our community, if you test positive for COVID-19, at a minimum, you must immediately self-isolate, even if you are symptom free.  If you feel sick you must self-isolate.  It is vital that we all look after each other and prevent the spread!  Seek medical assistance when appropriate. Contact your faculty by e-mail and inform them of your situation. More information.

Where can I find information specific to my program? 

TGS will share information on this webpage as we are made aware of specific program information.
The School of Music has released information for students and faculty and can be found on the School of Music webpage.

Will my classes be offered in person?

While the university is open and holding many in-person classes and activities, some fall semester classes will be held online or in a hybrid (mixed in-person and online) mode.  Check with your individual course instructors, your academic advisor, or program director for more information about the requirements for the classes in which you are enrolled.

Will my classes have an on-line option?

Many fall classes, while conducted in person for most students, will have an on-line option for students who cannot participate in person.  Discuss your situation with your course instructor or program director if, for any reason, you need to participate in your class from a distance.

International Students

All new students who plan to enter the U.S. to complete a graduate program must have at least one in-person or hybrid course for the fall semester to comply with the terms of their visas.  New international students cannot enter the U.S. to complete a 100% online program.  Students whose courses are all online should discuss their circumstances with the program director.  Students may begin their 100% online program from home or may ask that their admission be deferred to a future term when in-person classes resume.  More information.

Graduate  School Temporary Policies

The Graduate Council has adopted some temporary policies that will help students and faculty address many of the challenges you are facing as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19.   Click here to view the Graduate School Temporary Policies  Note that grading policies that have been developed for undergraduate students do not apply to graduate students. 

Do the deadlines for submitting my thesis, dissertation, or other documents still apply?

The Graduate School recognizes that the recent developments related to COVID-19 may cause delays in the completion of coursework by the stated submission deadlines.  Please consult with your Graduate Program Director (GPD) regarding your particular situation, and have your GPD contact The Graduate School to request extensions on your behalf. The Graduate School will make every effort to accommodate all reasonable requests. These concerns are addressed in the Graduate School Temporary Policies.

What is going to happen with my student teaching, or my clinical rotation if I am not able to participate as planned?

Please consult with your instructor, advisor or Graduate Program Director regarding this issue. All programs may not handle these situations in exactly the same way.  Some options are included in the Graduate School Temporary Policies.

Do I have more time to complete my class, or my degree?

Please consult with your Graduate Program Director if you have questions regarding extended class or degree completion time, grades, and enrollment issues.  These concerns are addressed in the Graduate School Temporary Policies.

Will the cost of graduate courses be reduced during 2020?

The JMU Board of Visitors, the university’s governing body, voted not to increase JMU’s standard rate for graduate tuition for the 2020-21 academic year. (Some programs with special rates increased slightly.)

If my fall classes are now mostly online do I need to relocate to Harrisonburg?

The answer to this question depends on your individual situation.  Have a conversation with your advisor, program director or each of your instructors to make a personal decision about the need to relocate to complete your program.

International Students

Students with F-1 visas who were present in the U.S. attending classes on March 9, 2020 can continue to complete their program of study 100% online without violating the conditions of their visas.

New students who plan to enter the U.S. to begin their program, must take at least one in-person or hybrid class during the fall semester or they may be in violation of the conditions of their visas.  Students may begin 100% online programs from home or may request that their admission be deferred to a future term when in-person classes resume. 

What academic support services remain available?

The Learning Centers are here to support you! We are continuing to offer online tutoring, consultations and study sessions. Please visit any of the follow programs' websites to access assistance online:

JMU Libraries:


What online resources are available to graduate students to assist in courses now taught online?

JMU Libraries has a webpage specifically to meet the needs of our graduate students during the COVID-19 situation which can be found at .


I am self-quarantining or I don’t want to use public transportation.  How can I get food, , prescriptions, and other necessities?

Grocery delivery services are available in Harrisonburg.  For example, consider:


Delivery (or curbside pickup) may be available from local stores including:

Walmart on Port Republic:

Kroger on 1790 E. Market St:

Food Lion:

Shenandoah Produce:

For restaurant delivery consider:




Dukes to Go:

Uber Eats:

Note also that many restaurants, including pizza and Asian restaurants offer home delivery services.  Call your favorite restaurant to inquire.

How can I access the "emergency aid" dollars I've heard about in response to the COVID-19 situation?

As of 6/3/20, the $6,040,329 JMU received in CARES Act funds has all been awarded. At this time, JMU is not accepting any requests tor this assistance. 

What additional support services are available?



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