Last Updated: June 17, 2020

Are The Graduate School offices open?

On June 15, some campus offices have started to open, however, Graduate School staff continue to work remotely. We remain available by e-mail.  We are also available for online meetings by appointment.  If you would like to schedule an online meeting, please email the staff member directly; contact information can be found on the staff webpage. If you are uncertain who to contact, please email with the nature of your request and the appropriate staff member will be in touch with you shortly.

Should I go to graduate school right now, given the current circumstances?

We hope you will join us at JMU.  The JMU community believes that what we do is valuable and important so we are working harder than ever to ensure that students have excellent educational experiences, even during challenging times.  The skills you will develop during graduate school will be more important than ever to assure your future success.  Our communities and professions needs people who are prepared to lead and people who want to promote positive change.  That’s what we prepare you to do at JMU.  Please join us by submitting your application, accepting offers of admission, and make plans to begin a program of study in the near future.

When will JMU resume normal operations?

The university remains open but is operating online; all on-campus activities and  activities requiring travel have been suspended.  Summer classes will be held online. On May 15, the university announced plans to resume its on-campus, in-person learning and residential operations for the fall of 2020.  We continue to be committed to the resumption of on-campus operations so long as it is safe to do so, in accodance with guidance from the Commonwealth of Virginia.  More information about overall university plans can be found at .

I have submitted my application to a graduate or professional program at JMU.  What is the status of my application?

Applicants can check the status of their application on their Status/Activity Page.  Applications are still being reviewed and your Status/Activity Page will be updated as decisions are made.

Who should I contact regarding questions about my application?

Contact your Graduate Program Director or the office of the Graduate School ( if you have any questions about your application.

I’m in process of completing my graduate application to JMU, who should I contact if I have questions?

Contact your program if you have questions about program specific requirements.  If you are having issues with the application submission process, please contact the office of The Graduate School (

The program I’m applying to requires the GRE or TOEFL but I have not completed these tests.  How can I fulfill this requirement with closed testing centers?

In the U.S. and select other countries, the GRE and TOEFL will be available for testing at home.  Please visit the ETS/GRE website to learn more.  If it is not possible for you to complete required tests, please contact the Director of the Graduate Program to which you wish to apply.

I have been offered provisional or conditional acceptance to a JMU graduate program. What if I’m not able to satisfy the requirements due to travel restrictions, visa delays, etc.? 

Please contact your Graduate Program Director to discuss your situation.  JMU will do all we can to help you, whenever possible. 

I have been conditionally accepted to a JMU graduate or professional program and can’t obtain the documents I am required to submit because offices are closed.  What can I do?

Please consult with your Graduate Program Director or the office of The Graduate School ( for assistance.

Can I defer my admission if I’m unable to begin my program on time due to travel restrictions, health, or personal reasons?

It is possible to defer your initial enrollment.  Contact your Graduate Program Director, explain your situation and make your request.  The Graduate School will try to support all requests for reasonable accommodations.  Please submit your request to defer your initial term of enrollment to .  Write to us if you have any questions or need assistance.


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