Empowering Ethical Reasoning.

Empowering ethics means taking ethical action in our daily lives by helping to identify and address the most critical issues facing society. But what does ethical action look like? Where should we start?

We start where we are: on the campus of James Madison University.

In 2019, we asked JMU students “What does an ethical campus look like?” JMU’s distinct ethical reasoning strategy, The Eight Key Questions, helps us identify ethical issues and make better, more informed decisions. Using the 8KQ invites us all to ask: what can we do today that will help us make more ethical decisions tomorrow?

ERiA Top Stories

  • Looking for ways incorporate the 8KQ? One way is to invite the Ethical Reasoning Educators to facilitate the Eight Key Questions ethical reasoning strategy in your course, organization or residence hall.
  • JMU's newest group of first-year students, the Class of 2027, completed the first-ever "It's Complicated Online" canvas course. Designed by a team of instructional design and ethical reasoning experts from ERiA and JMU Libraries

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