Case Scenarios

Case scenarios, rather than case studies, are one of the primary ways to engage agentic ethical reasoning. Rather than many case 'studies' that require analysis of what someone or an organization did poorly and why, our case scenarios are written to place the individual or group in an empowered position of decision-maker(s). We encourage you to pause, ask more questions, challenge your usual ways of thinking by asking 8KQ (with a group), and then weigh and balance the ethical considerations before deciding and acting. Each of these scenarios encourages ethical reasoning skill application using all Eight Key Questions.

Hurricane Sharon

Hurricane Sharon, the first case scenario developed for the It's Complicated program, was used 2013-2015 with incoming first-year students during 1787 August Orientation, and has been used with many audiences including alumni, new employees, and external organizations. This fictional ethical scenario places participants as FEMA teams in the center of making decisions about limited resources available to six geograhic areas affected by a hurricane. 

Hurricane Sharon - Text and Video



Contagion - Text and Video


Overdose - Text and Video 

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