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Eight Key Questions

What key questions should I (we) use to evaluate the ethical dimensions of a situation?

  • Fairness - How can I (we) act justly, equitably, and balance legitimate interests?
  • Outcomes - What possible actions achieve the best short- and long-term outcomes for me and all others?
  • Responsibilities - What duties and/or obligations apply?
  • Character - What actions help me (us) become my (our) ideal self (selves)?
  • Liberty - How do I (we) show respect for personal freedom, autonomy, and consent?
  • Empathy - How would I (we) act if I (we) cared about all involved?
  • Authority - What do legitimate authorities (e.g. experts, law, my religion/god) expect?
  • Rights - What rights, if any, (e.g. innate, legal, social) apply?

Watch this video to learn more about the 8KQ. 

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