Ethical Reasoning in Action supports programs that help students learn ethical reasoning skills. In addition to the programs featured on this page, many other academic and student life programs also focus on developing this important skill set. We encourage students to Get Involved!

It’s Complicated

As part of 1787 Orientation, incoming first-year students are introduced to Ethical Reasoning in Action. Ethical Reasoning in Action aims to prepare students to become enlightened citizens who will apply ethical reasoning to their personal, professional, and civic life. In short, we want to help students develop the knowledge and critical thinking skills to resolve ethical situations that they will encounter during their Madison experience, and beyond. It's Complicated is a 75-minute facilitated "thought experiment" that educates new students on JMU's ethical reasoning framework, the Eight Key Questions. The scenario used changes every other year.

Ethical Reasoning Educators

Ethical Reasoning Educators (EREs) are undergraduate peer educators who volunteer 2-4 hours a week with Ethical Reasoning in Action. EREs create and present introductory workshops on the Eight Key Questions (8KQs) to fellow students in Residence Halls, in classrooms, and in Wellness Passport events. Students interested in becoming an ERE should contact or call 568-8143 for additional information.

Ethical Reasoning Interactive

In this blog-based interactive experience, students will follow and participate in a storyline that evolves over the fall semester. The story features the Eight Key Questions and how they might be applied as students are confronted with a choice at the end of each episode. With bi-weekly updates to the story, students must "vote" for their choice and provide a brief explanation for their choice using one or more of the 8KQ. This program was piloted in spring 2015 with about 200 students.

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