Ethical Reasoning in Action is not just another campus office, it is a campus-wide effort that involves the dedication of numerous faculty and staff. Building a network of colleagues who find ethical reasoning education valuable requires that ERiA offer foundational knowledge of the Eight Key Questions and other professional development opportunities that support these people and the overall effort. There are multiple areas where faculty and staff can be involved with educating about ethical reasoning and increasing the dialogue on and off campus about ethical matters.

Engage with Colleagues in Ethical Reasoning Professional and Curriculum Development

  • Join the ERiA Network

    Want to know more about your colleagues' scholarship, teaching, and service related to ethical reasoning? The ERiA Network is a group of faculty, staff, and administrators interested in keeping a pulse on activities and new ideas for teaching and talking about ethical reasoning and the Eight Key Questions. You'll receive occasional emails featuring upcoming events and stories about your colleagues, and sometimes stories of colleagues from other universities and organizations using the 8KQ in their teaching and work. If you have a story to share, please email us.

  • Core Introduction to the Eight Key Questions workshops

Express your interest in attending workshops that introduce the conceptual foundation beneath the Eight Key Questions and provide an opportunity for interactive application of the framework by emailing us or indicating in this form

  • Curriculum Development

ERiA staff, ERiA fellows, and other colleagues who have integrated ethical reasoning into their content are available to discuss, guide, and encourage curriculum development across disciplines, in General Education classes, and educational programming. Contact us to arrange a phone, online, or in-person consultation. 

  • Custom Workshops

Request a custom workshop or professional development opportunity for your unit or organization. Understand, apply, and incorporate the Eight Key Questions into your daily work and life. Areas of focus may include case study development, service learning experiences, study abroad applications, ethical leadership development, or ethical culture development.


Offered by the Center for Faculty Innovation, jmUDESIGN is a five-day intensive course design or re-design institute for faculty. One area in which participants can focus is developing an ethical reasoning component to their existing course. 

Teach Ethical Reasoning using the Eight Key Questions

Some people argue that ethics cannot be taught. This may or may not be true, but the mission of Ethical Reasoning in Action is not to teach ethics. We are teaching a reasoning process that focuses on ethical decision-making; a type of critical thinking skill.

Faculty from a variety of disciplinary areas are educating students in ethical reasoning including nursing, communication studies, health sciences, writing and rhetoric, english, integrated science and technology, geology, history, political science, management, accounting, early childhood education, philosophy, early elementary education, justice studies, and in the General Education program.

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