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The Eight Key Question framework provides a common language to talk about the ethical considerations of an issue or decision. This inquiry-based framework for teaching ethical reasoning makes it accessible to most faculty, staff, administrators, and students interested in educating others in ethical reasoning. The Madison Collaborative provides various professional development and networking opportunities to support and help prepare those individuals and organizations who want to be a part of this university-wide effort.


Core Introduction to the Eight Key Questions

In this workshop you will learn more about the origins and nuances of this inquiry-based process and apply the Eight Key Questions in an interactive, discussion-based small group format. After your participation in this workshop and based on your level of interest, we welcome your deeper involvement with The Madison Collaborative and efforts to educate students in ethical reasoning. This workshop is facilitated by MC staff, fellows, and others with an intrinsic interest in this work.

Customized for Unit or Organization

Individual academic and other units at JMU can request a workshop customized to fit their needs for introducing or delving into the Eight Key Questions within their discipline or organizational focus. Lengths and content can be varied. Custom workshops can be facilitated by MC staff and fellows in collaboration with the unit's leadership.

Food for Thought Brown Bag Series

This informal gathering of faculty and staff already incorporating ethical reasoning and the Eight Key Questions into their courses and work meet over coffee to discuss ideas and pedagogy. Newcomers to teaching ethical reasoning might also enjoy networking and gain ideas for new learning activities. Visit our events page to see when the next conversation is happening!

Curriculum Development

The conceptual foundation provided in the Core workshop mentioned above is an important experience to begin envisioning ethical reasoning in your content area. Additional preparation and pedagogical inspiration is a valuable next step. Several faculty members have successfully improved student learning in ethical reasoning after just one semester of pedagogy, as measured by the ethical reasoning essay rubric. These faculty from various disciplines would like to share with colleagues their strategies and pedagogies.

MC staff, fellows, and faculty consultants are available throughout the academic year and summer to support faculty in their planning and inclusion of the 8KQ as part of their instruction. Contact to discuss your specific interests.

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