What is this One Book step about? It's Complicated is designed to help us recognize that we all have "moral moments" – moments that should cause us to pause, ask questions, and think – and that we, our loved ones, and the world can benefit if we have a strategic way to navigate those moral moments with curiosity and intention. 

What will you learn? In this asynchronous online course, students will learn to use a unique decision-making strategy, The Eight Key Questions (8KQ), for making better, more informed ethical decisions.

How will you learn it? After logging in to Canvas, you'll find the It's Complicated SP 24 course added to your dashboard. Click on the course, then complete each module by January 10th! 

Why should I do this? Practicing asking more questions before making a difficult decision is a skill that you can begin developing today and will be useful for the rest of your life. You will also encounter moments during your first year at JMU where the 8KQ can be a reliable tool to help you navigate decisions you need to make alone and those decisions you need to make in a group.

How long do I have to complete this One Book step? You have three weeks to spend time with the content, all modules must be completed by January 10th. 

Log into Canvas to begin!

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