Welcome to Ethical Reasoning in Action

What is this One Book step about? This step is about recognizing that we all have "moral moments" – moments that should cause us to pause, ask questions, and think – and that we, our loved ones, and the world can benefit if we have a strategic way to navigate those moral moments with curiosity and intention. 

What will you learn? You will learn a life-long strategy for making better-informed ethical decisions. More specifically, you'll learn these things: 

  1. Each of us has moral moments that require a thoughtful response. 
  2. A question-asking strategy (Eight Key Questions) for thinking through moral moments, big and small. 

How will you learn it? After logging in to Canvas, you'll listen to and view a video introduction to the 8KQ. Then, you'll watch a conversational video of five current JMU students and alums with insider information about the 8KQ. You’ll finish up by completing a brief test of your newly-gained knowledge. 

Why are we asking you to do this? Two reasons: 1. The 8KQ will help you today and for the rest of your life. 2. To help prepare you for the next ethical reasoning activity, It's Complicated, during 1787 Weeks of Welcome, where you will apply the 8KQ to your own moral moment. 

How long should you expect it to take? About 40 minutes (two videos and a quiz). 

Log into Canvas to begin!

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