What Would You Do?

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a multitude of ethical quandries. Health care workers are making incredibly difficult decisions, especially when protective and therapeutic equipment are in short supply. Those tough decisions extend into most businesses and to individuals. Use the 8KQ to think through what you would do in these six pandemic-related scenarios that call for critical thinking and examining your biases. Best done in groups!

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Article Published in Teaching Ethics 
JMU's approach to ethical reasoning education and assessment is detailed in the Journal of the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum, Teaching Ethics (Linder et al., 2020). DOI: 10.5840/tej202081174

ERiA Spring 2020 Newsletter (PDF)
In this issue, read stories about good ethical reasoning-related teaching, scholarship, ideas, and work being done at JMU and elsewhere. Exceptionally difficult ethical situations are being navigated daily at every level of society. How can the 8KQ help us make the important decisions that we face?

ERiA Featured by National Ethics Project - April 2020

ERiA February 2020 Newsletter (PDF)

ERiA November 2019 Newsletter (PDF)


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