Established in Fall 2017, the ALCW is an interdisciplinary space for the exchange and development of ideas in the field of Africana Studies. Each of our monthly meetings will showcase the work in progress of a JMU faculty member, graduate student, or visiting scholar working on the literatures and cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. The ALCW is an incubator for projects addressing the conceptual ambitions, intellectual positions, and pedagogical implications of Africana Studies. The discussion that follows our speaker's brief presentation is sure to be lively, and will benefit from your presence and perspective, and those of your students. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, in order to receive copies of works-in-progress beforehand, if available, and to stay informed about future meetings, please RSVP to Marina Shafik at

Download the proposals for the May 2020 workshop below:

Bridging the ’Burg: Connecting the Multicultural Communities of Harrisonburg and James Madison University through Digital Humanities
Tessa Crosby and Madeline Marsh

The History of Black Studies: A Timeline of Black Studies Programs at JMU and Beyond
Megan Medeiros and Marina Shafik

The Permanent Interdiscipline: The Curriculum & Continuing Intervention of Black Studies
David Bohn, Angelina Ingrassia Chang, Rob Porter

Navigate JMU: Locating Black Spaces on College Campuses
John Albrite, Amy Haupt, Hannah Snyder

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