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Current Internship and Job Postings

Internships play an important role in introducing students to the work environment in the field. Internships are generally available in consulting, financial analysis, financial regulation, and banking.

The Gaglioti Markets Laboratory

Design, Software and Hardware

  • The Trading Lab has been designed for classroom, laboratory, and open use, and consists of:
  • Twenty-four computer stations, plus an instructor station, eleven of which will be Bloomberg stations.
  • Two 50” flat panel displays with cable news feeds and one 80” smart board.
  • Ticker in the lobby, above the entrance to the Trading Lab.
  • Software applications installed: SAS, Analytic Solver and Crystal Ball
Trading Lab Management

As feasible, we will schedule the following classes in the trading lab:

  • Principles of Investments (FIN371); required of all Finance and QFIN majors, as well as Economics majors with a Financial Economics concentration.
  • Advanced Investments (FIN471), Financial Modeling (FIN475), Derivatives (FIN380) as well as all QFIN seminars.
Open Lab Management

Any JMU student who wants to use the Trading Lab will be required to complete specific training. 

  • Lab access is determined by the JAC card system for the list of students who have successfully completed training.
  • Students who have completed or are currently enrolled in COB300 will be required to attend a Trading Lab-specific training class, and pass a brief test on the training.

To gain access to Capital Market Lab, you need to attend a training session and pass the lab quiz. For further information, please self-enroll to Department Canvas Site at: 

Madison Investment Fund

The MIF is a student-lead equity investment fund that manages a portion of the James Madison University endowment. The Fund focuses on providing students with a real-world, professional forum to learn the fundamentals of investments and basics of financial theory while fulfilling the fiduciary duties associated with diligent portfolio management. If interested, please visit MIF website at


Students have an opportunity to participate in numerous competitions throughout the academic year. A few examples are as follows:

CFA Investment Research Challenge

The CFA Investment Research Challenge is an opportunity for a team of 4-5 students to compete in an annual financial analysis competition. The first round is sponsored by the CFA Virginia Society, and the competing teams are from public and private universities in Virginia. Each student team creates a financial analysis report including economic, industry, and company analyses concluding with a buy or sell recommendation. The second round is an oral presentation of the report before practitioner judges in the region. The winners of the regional competitions go on to the North American competition and ultimately compete at the International level.

Community Bank Case Competition

JMU finance and management majors may participate in the Community Bank Case Competition sponsored by the Conference of State Banking Supervisors. Students prepare a 25-page interdisciplinary case study that evaluates bank leadership succession planning and produce a 10-minute video about the financial performance and HR management strategies of a local community bank. Winning student teams may get their work published in an academic journal or have an opportunity to attend the fifth annual CSBS-Federal Reserve Community Banking Research Conference, or gain an academic scholarship.

CFA Level 1 Exam Scholarship

As a CFA Recognized Program, the Department is able to grant several scholarships each year to students who take the Level 1 exam immediately following graduation. Students applying for these scholarships must have a strong academic preparation in the subjects tested in the Level 1 exam, which include Quantitative Analysis, Financial Management, Investments, Ethics, Financial Analysis, Derivatives, and Fixed Income.

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