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Focused on creating an integrated instructional approach, we are here to raise your expectations and aspirations. We will both challenge and support you throughout your educational experience and provide opportunities to network and engage with alumni and employers frequently. You’ll gain a comprehensive educational, cultural and social experience from us. 

As professors, we are versatile and enthusiastic, bringing a variety of academic credentials and unique combinations of disciplines and experience in government and industry into the classroom. Most of us hold doctoral degrees in the field and are engaged in both consulting activities and research which has appeared in nationally recognized publications.

Finance Faculty
Hui Sono

Dr. Hui He Sono

Department Head & Associate Professor, Finance; Associate Professor, International Business; J. Gray Ferguson Eminent Professor

Jaideep Chowdhury

Dr. Jaideep Chowdhury

Associate Professor, Finance

Pam Drake

Dr. Pamela Peterson Drake

Chandler/Universal Eminent Professor, Finance

Jason Fink

Dr. Jason D. Fink

Professor, Finance; Wells Fargo Faculty Fellow

Kristin Fink

Dr. Kristin Fink

Professor, Finance; CoB Foundation Faculty

Mark Graham

Mr. Mark Graham

Instructor, Finance

Carl Larsson

Dr. Carl Larsson

Assistant Professor, Finance; Blue Ridge Bank Faculty Fellow

Wilson Liu

Dr. Wilson Liu

Professor, Finance and Business Law

Ron Rubin

Mr. Ron Rubin

Lecturer, Finance

Kayti Schumann

Dr. Kayti Schumann

Assistant Professor, Finance

Elias Semaan

Dr. Elias J. Semaan

Associate Professor, Finance

Carl Ullrich

Dr. Carl Ullrich

Associate Professor, Finance

Adam Usman

Dr. Adam Usman

Assistant Professor, Finance

Wei Wei Zhang

Dr. Weiwei Zhang

Assistant Professor, Finance

Business Law Faculty
Brack Collier

Mr. William B. Collier

Lecturer, Business Law

Art Hamilton

Dr. Arthur J. Hamilton

Professor, Business Law

David Parker

Dr. David Parker

Lecturer, Business Law and International Business

Daphyne Thomas

Dr. Daphyne M. Thomas

Professor, Finance & Business Law; Adolph Coors Professorship, Business Administration

Finance and Business Law Support Staff
Krista Dofflemyer

Ms. Krista Dofflemyer

Administrative Assistant, Finance and Accounting

Michelle Duncan

Ms. Michelle Duncan

Director, Academic Success Center; Academic Advisor, Quantitative Finance