As a student in the Finance Program, you’ll develop an understanding of the functions of commerce and the role of finance and business law. You’ll be prepared for decision-making roles in an increasingly technological and global environment when you choose to major in finance (FIN) or quantitative finance (QFIN). 

JMU’s finance major belongs to the selective CFA Institute University Recognition Program. Our rigorous curriculum incorporates a significant portion of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge, including the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

One of the many benefits of CFA Recognition is the ability to award scholarships to students to take the CFA Level I exam. Students may apply for these competitive scholarships during their senior year. For more information, contact Professor Pamela Drake.

For more information of the finance major, download a printable factsheet, or for more information about the quantitative finance major, download a printable factsheet.  You can also view Core courses, here.

B.B.A. in Finance

View degree and major requirements in the catalog.

B.S. in Quantitative Finance (with minor in Economics and Mathematics)

View degree and major requirements in the catalog.

B.S. in Quantititative Finance with Double Major in Mathematics

View degree and major requirements in the catalog.

Financial Analysis

The financial analysis concentration is designed to prepare students interested in careers in financial analysis and for CFA Institute exams. Our CFA program recognition allows our students to apply for competitive scholarships for the Level 1 exam.   

You may declare the concentration in the junior year and are required to have a 2.0 in four FIN elective classes: FIN380, FIN362, FIN378, FIN475 (or ACTG343). You also must achieve a B or better in COB241 and COB242 as a prerequisite for FIN362, which is required for this concentration. 

Financial Risk Management 

The curriculum in the financial risk management concentration covers 80 to 85 percent of the curriculum for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Part I exam, sponsored by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP).You may declare the concentration in the junior year. To fulfill the concentration requirements, you must complete FIN elective classes: FIN380, FIN450, FIN451, FIN471 and FIN475. Additionally, you must achieve a B- or higher in FIN380 to take FIN450 and have a B- or better in FIN450 to take FIN451.

Course Descriptions

The finance and qualitative finance majors include courses designed to develop students’ skills in critical thinking and analytical decision-making.

You can find links to course descriptions in the program pages of the catalog:

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