Computer information systems is a technical field where you learn computing in the context of business. You’ll tap your mathematical, logical problem-solving ability as well as your capacity to communicate effectively as you study the analysis and design of information systems. By combining this with your major studies, you’ll be ready to produce breakthrough developments in design and technology, science, art, business, or wherever your area of passion lies.

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Please consult with your advisor and the catalog for the year in which you were admitted.

Applications for the CIS minor are due on October 15th, March 15th and July 15th.

Admission to the CIS minor is based on a student's performance in the following seven competency areas: information systems, computer programming, calculus, statistics, critical thinking, writing and a quantitatively-oriented business discipline.

Prerequisite competency courses for admission:

  • One introductory information-systems course (COB 204 or equivalent)
  • One introductory computer programming course (CIS 221, ISAT 252, IA 241, CS 149 or equivalent)
  • One calculus course (MATH 205, MATH 231, MATH 235, ISAT 151 or equivalent)
  • One statistics course (COB 191, MATH 220 or equivalent)
  • One critical thinking course (student’s Cluster One critical thinking course or equivalent)
  • One writing course (WRTC 103 or equivalent)
  • One quantitatively-oriented economics/business course (ECON 200, ECON 201, COB 241, COB 242, COB 291 or equivalent)

Students seeking to add the CIS minor may submit an application to the CIS and BSAN department when they have completed, or are currently completing, all seven classes on the application.

  • CIS 304 - Enterprise Architecture
  • CIS 330 - Database Design and Application
  • CIS 454 - Systems Analysis and Design
  • CIS Elective

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  • CIS 320 - Computing Telecommunications Networks
  • CIS 331 - Intermediate Programming
  • CIS 366 - Web Development
  • CIS 424 - Computer Security Management
  • CIS 434 - Information Technology Consulting
  • CIS 463 - Business Intelligence
  • CIS 464 - IS Project Management

*Marketing majors may substitute MKTG 482 for the CIS elective.

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CoB Advising and Support Center: 

Declaration Process

After acceptance into the minor program, students in good academic standing should submit a declaration of minor request via MyMadison.

Graduation Requirement

The CIS minor requires a minimum 2.0 GPA for graduation on all courses completed at JMU. Transfer credit is not calculated in the GPA.

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