Our Mission

The Department of Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics is committed to: (a) educating students by creating an active, experiential learning environment that prepares them to apply knowledge of information systems, operations, Business Analytics and business for the betterment of organizations and society; and (b) serving the academic community and business communities through appropriate research and service.

Our Faculty...

  • maintain current and relevant curricula focused on information systems and analytical problem solving in a business context within the major and minor degree programs in Computer Information Systems and the minor in Business Analytics
  • support other programs in the College of Business and the university by providing undergraduate and graduate courses in information systems, statistics, quantitative analysis, operations and supply chain management.
Our Values

Continuous improvement
Our faculty utilizes feedback from systematic assessment in order to continuously improve the curriculum content and meet the needs of our students and other stakeholders in a rapidly changing world.

Diversity of academic fields and research among our faculty
Our department includes faculty in computer information systems, business analytics and operations and supply chain management who participate in their respective fields through scholarly research.  The faculty strive to integrate this research into the educational process and curriculum.

Collaboration, teamwork, and the promotion of individual strengths
We maintain a collegial and supportive culture within the department, a respect for each individual’s talents and ideas and an environment that supports success and the pursuit of excellence.

Stakeholder relationships
We build mutually beneficial relationships with students, business, government and alumni communities in order to increase our value to all constituents and supplement our resource base.

Service to diverse group of stakeholders
We provide leadership and perform service to all levels of the university, for academic and professional organizations and in the business community.  We utilize our professional knowledge, skills and talents to the betterment of the community at large.

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