Computer and information systems managers play a vital role in bringing a human component to the technological needs and quantitative problems of their organizations.

Computer Information Systems (CIS) professionals use computers, information systems and business analytics to solve business problems. As a CIS major at JMU, you’ll be prepared for a professional career that requires both the business knowledge and the technical skills to help clients design, build and deliver competitive computer-based solutions.  Or, you'll be prepared to manage and assess big data, and perform data analysis and quantitative modeling. You'll receive up-to-date coursework in application development; database modeling; business analytics; architecture, networking and security; business intelligence; consulting and more through a CIS major and CIS and Business Analytics (BSAN) minors.

Upon graduation, you'll join a professional network of loyal JMU alumni whose success in senior and mid-level management positions is built on a foundation of solid technical and analytical skills and integrative business knowledge.

Which major is right for you, Computer Information Systems or Computer Science?

Allison Zeppuhar - CIS - 2017

"The CIS program at JMU perfectly prepared me for the Systems Engineer program at Cisco. The courses not only taught me technical skills, but very important information gathering, consulting and project management skills that have differentiated me from my peers. The faculty go above and beyond to help the students achieve their dreams inside and outside the classroom."

Allison Zepphuar ('17), Enterprise Systems Engineer, Cisco


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