Curriculum Innovation: Consulting; Architecture, Networking, Security; Business Intelligence; Application Development

The Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS) and Business Analytics (BSAN) offers a hands-on, active learning environment that combines cutting edge technology with 21st century business practices. Our curriculum will help you develop strong analytical, technical, organizational and interpersonal skills to prepare you for a broad range of careers in planning, analyzing, designing, implementing and managing information systems. The CIS B.B.A. program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, meaning we meet the highest standards in preparing students who are ready to enter the information systems profession upon graduation.

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CIS graduates are thriving in senior and mid-level management positions built on a foundation of solid technical skills, integrative business knowledge and a professional network of loyal JMU alumni. We offer coursework in the following:

Technology Alliances for CIS Students:
  • Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA),
  • Oracle Academic Alliance (OAA),
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Academic Server Subscription

 View degree and major requirements in the catalog.


The department offers minors both in computer information and in business analytics.

CIS Minor

The minor in computer information systems gives students in various disciplines the opportunity to study business-oriented information systems.View the application and requirements for the CIS Minor.

BSAN Minor

Business analytics is a discipline focused on developing and applying models and concepts to help identify and solve managerial problems by applying concepts from management, marketing, finance and operations, including: demand and sales forecasting, new product development, financial planning, production planning, staff scheduling, advertising strategy, resource allocation, risk analysis, and process design. 

The business analytics minor will prepare you to solve complex business problems using a combination of quantitative skills and current software applications.

BSAN applicatons are due October 1. View the application and requirements for the BSAN Minor.

Course Descriptions

You can find links to course descriptions in the program pages of the catalog:

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