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2024 Business Plan Competition Teams

C-ERA is an S-Corporation that is introducing a new era of menstrual cups by launching a clean, closable, and sustainable alternative.

Team Members:

BidetBuddy, LLC is based out of Chesapeake, Virginia. Our goal is to provide consumers with a bidet the market has not yet seen, allowing for an improved hygienic experience when camping.

Team Members:

Waste2Wave is a pioneering surfboard manufacturing company dedicated to marine environment sustainability by transforming recycled ocean plastic outsourced from 4Ocean into surfboards of unmatched ecocentric value.

Team Members:

GeoWarmth Poultry Solutions is a product and service designed to provide an environmentally friendly and cost effective renewable heating solution through efficient installation and customizable consultation for poultry farmers

Team Members:

Our company aims to improve the overall cooking experience.

Team Members:
2024 Business Plan Competition Additional Awards

Accenture Innovation Award:

Joyce Guthrie Team Award: 

Ferguson Top Female Leader Award:
Olivia Smith, BidetBuddy, LLC

Braun Jones MVP Award:
Summer Simmons (GeoWarmth Poultry Solutions, LLC)
Nick Clement and Sierra Puleo (C-ERA)
Joe Horowitz (Panometer, LLC)
Grayson Wright (Waste2Wave)

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