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2023 Business Plan Competition Team Awards

We are a company that is focused on the safety of our customers’ babies and providing inexpensive, aesthetically pleasing, safe baby-feeding products.

Team Members:

Phoenix LLC is a manufacturing and marketing firm that produces and sells the SaunaBox.

Team Members:

M&T is an LLC that provides vertical farming technology for growing mushrooms.

Team Members:

We are a biodegradable cling-wrap manufacturing firm, started to address the harm that the littering of plastic food packaging has caused to the environment. We distribute our products through wholesalers. We will be establishing ourselves under the name Eco-Wrap LLC.

Team Members:

DRONEIT is an aerial surveying S-Corporation that assists construction companies in eliminating human error and identifying mistakes made during building processes in order to save time, reduce rework costs, and improve construction efficiency.

Team Members:
2023 Business Plan Competition Additional Awards

Accenture Award:

Joyce Guthrie Team Award: 
M&T and ThermoBambino

Ferguson Top Female Leader Award:
Gabriella D'Alessandro

Braun Jones MVP Award:
Courtney Demarest, Tyler Foster, Sheila Hinnegan, Jordan Scheerle and Ian Stasko

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