About This Guide

The Reporting Results Guide was designed to serve as a reference for student affairs practitioners when writing and communicating assessment results that are quantitative in nature. Although the guide contains basic descriptions of many statistical tests, it is not intended to be a comprehensive teaching tool.

The guide contains:

    • a glossary of common statistics terms and symbols,
    • a short overview of descriptive statistics,
    • a description of the three main types of reliability,
    • an overview of the most common inferential tests, including a description of what each test is used for and examples of how to communicate the results in multiple ways (i.e., text, table, or figure),
    • and a supplemental excel document that contains templates for all of the tables and figures presented within the guide. Simply plug in your own data to create clear, accurate, APA standard tables and graphs.
Download the Reporting Results Guide
Download the Supplemental Excel Templates Document

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