Administrative, Assessment, IT, Fundraising, Professional Development, and related Excellence Awards (Gold, Silver and Bronze): for programs or services. A broad category in which assessment related initiatives can apply. Apply here.

Assessment, Evaluation and Research Knowledge Community Innovation Award: given to an individual or assessment team who is actively involved in leading student affairs assessment activities, has been innovative in their assessment approach, and has demonstrated an impact of the culture of assessment within the department, division, or across campus. Award is presented at the NASPA Assessment and Persistency Conference. Apply here.


Contribution to Knowledge Award: recognizes outstanding and sustained contributions to the student affairs profession’s body of knowledge through published research (empirical, theoretical, applied), films, speeches, or other forms of scholarly outlets that significantly advance understanding of college students, campus environments, institutions of higher education, and student affairs practice. More information.


Assessment Institute Scholarships: presented as a professional development experience to selected members who exhibit an interest in expanded Association involvement and who exhibit a potential for leadership roles within NACADA. The scholarship covers regisration fee to the Assessment Institute. Apply here


Innovation Award: intended to recognize an institution that has implemented an outstanding and innovative program related to student conduct administration in the past year. More information

The National Resource Center

Institutional Excellence for Student in Transition Award: presented anually to institutions that have designed and implemented outstanding collaborative initiatives enhancing significant transitions during the undergraduate experience. Award recipients will have demonstrated the effectiveness of the initiative in supporting student success, learning, and development at a variety of transition points beyond the first college year and in responding to unique institutional needs. One of the criteria for the nomination is “demonstrated evidence of ongoing assessment and evaluation of the initiative, along with discussion of relevant results.” More information


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