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Are you a JMU professional in the Division of Student Affairs who needs help with student learning/development outcomes assessment?

Schedule a one-hour appointment with a SASS consultant! Use the link below to learn more about the consultation services we provide, how to prepare for your first appointment, and how to schedule an appointment with SASS.

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Want to Improve Student Learning?

The Learning Improvement Initiative is a partnership between SASS and the Division of Student Affairs to promote assessment for improvement.

Programs interested in demonstrating student learning improvement through intentional programming may apply to work with SASS on an intensive, long-term improvement project.

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Reporting Results Guide

The reporting results guide for student affairs professionals at JMU contains a glossary of common statistics terms, an overview of common descriptive and inferential statistics, and templates for creating tables and figures. 

The Assessment Cycle

The Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS) at JMU breaks assessment down into seven distinct steps. For more information about each step, visit our Assessment Cycle pages!

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