Holds in Student Center

Holds, also called service indicators, are notifiers that may be placed on your student record in MyMadison.  Some holds are for informational purposes, and some may stop you from enrolling in classes, requesting a transcript or receiving other services on campus.  

Click on "details" to see which department placed the hold.  Contact the department for additional information regarding any action you must take to have the hold removed if necessary.  Find departmental contact info in the Campus Directory

These holds may appear on student records:

  • No initial registration - This hold may be placed on a student's record to prevent enrollment in classes. This hold is used by many departments at the university, please use the hyperlink on the hold for specific details regarding the removal by the appropriate office.
  • Positive Ser Indicator-Display - This hold is placed by the Office of International Programs to identify international students studying at JMU on a student visa.  This hold does nothing to a student's record.  This hold does not prevent a student from enrolling in classes. It is simply there for informational purposes.  For questions about this hold, contact the Center for Global Engagement - International Students and Scholar Services (CGE-ISSS).  
  • Do not print bill – This hold is placed by the University Business Office.  This hold indicates that there is an alternative billing process in place for this student. For questions about this hold, contact the University Business Office.  

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