A cross-campus team is keeping our COVID-19 postings up-to-date and tailored for different audiences at JMU so that you can find what you need quickly. We'll often provide links and send you to other sites to make sure you get the most recent information.

General Updates 

All general university information related to COVID is collected on the Stop the Spread site. You'll find details and procedures for Spring 2022 in the Operating Plan, where there is information for emplyees and students. 

For Faculty

We created the AA COVID site to be the best resource for Academic Affairs faculty and staff. The Health and Safety page is a collection of guidance specific to conditions in academic spaces. It has a variety of resources related to teaching during a pandemic and teaching online, as well as FAQs created in response to questions that we have received from faculty and staff.

You'll also receive the AA Bulletin via email about once a weekto give you timely reminders of important academic and course-related information. When urgent issues arise, the Provost’s Office will send emails directly to faculty and staff. 

For Students  

You can also refer students to the site – there are FAQs for them related to classes and resources for online learning. All sites are updated frequently.

What Do You Need?

We built the AA COVID site to identify and consolidate the data most relevant to AA faculty and staff. If you can’t find the information you need, email shackekl@jmu.edu and let us know.

We can curate better information, in a better format, if we know what is most important to you.


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