Faculty, staff and students are expected to use their smart phone or computer to access the WorkSafe (faculty and staff) or LiveSafe (student) app. This software application pushes a screening survey to all users when they enter campus through geo-fencing or through a computer logon. Users respond to questions related to body temperature, COVID-19 symptoms and any instructions they have received to self-isolate by another agency or a medical professional. Based on their responses, individuals are either permitted to proceed to campus or are provided with instructions for follow-up that allows them to obtain medical assistance.

The application features two-way communication. Users can submit helpful information, such as potential exposures to COVID-19 or off-campus outbreaks that they know of, through a tips feature. Once submitted tips have been verified by the appropriate source at JMU, that information can be shared. JMU has the ability to push COVID-19-related notifications to all users through the application, as well as targeting relevant information to employees or to students only.

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