Madison magazine’s award-winning "Professors We Love" series began more than a decade ago,

when Class of ’79 alumnus David Hillgrove wrote a tribute to Eileen Nelson, a Psychology professor.

Professor Eileen Nelson

’No one should be expected to run as hard or do as much as I have asked of her, and yet she continues to give. And I suppose I have sucked all the energy out of her heaven-sent life.’

— David Hillgrove

Since then, other students and alumni have shared their stories of professors who made a real difference in their lives. In fact, the meaningful exchange between professor and student at JMU is legend.

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If you’d like to contact your former professor and talk about college days and present lives, visit the Campus Directory page and type in his or her name. Your professor will appreciate it. Don't believe it? Read Professor Eileen Nelson's response to to David Hillgrove’s essay.

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