You may submit an appeal online by clicking Appeal a Parking Citation under Student Resources. Appeals must be filed within 10 calendar days of the date that the citation was issued. An appeals committee consisting of faculty, staff and students at James Madison University will review your appeal. A decision will be sent to your JMU email address. Employees of Parking Services are not involved in the appeals process and do not serve on the appeals committee. It may take several weeks to hear back from the Appeals Committee depending on the Appeals Committee's hearing schedule and the volume of pending appeals.

Yes, an illegally parked vehicle will receive a citation with or without emergency flashers in use.

Contact Parking Services immediately. There is a $10 reissue fee to replace a lost permit. When a parking permit is reported stolen, a police report must be filed. The police report number must be provided to Parking Services before a replacement permit will be issued at no charge.

Yes, you must display a valid JMU parking permit in conjunction with your accessible permit or plates whenever your vehicle is parked on campus.

The outstanding fines will need to be resolved before the hold can be removed. Contact Parking Services at 540.568.3300 or email for additional information.

Parking Services accepts cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, FLEX, Apple Pay and Android Pay. We do not accept coins.

Disabled vehicles should be reported to Parking Services immediately at 540.568.3300. If Parking Services is closed report disabled vehicles to the Office of Public Safety at 540.568.6912. Arrangements should be made to repair the vehicle or remove it from campus within 24 hours of notification. Disabled vehicles that present a danger to life or property may be towed at the owner or operator’s expense.

Remove the permit(s) from your vehicle(s) and return it to Parking Services. Refunds will be prorated according to the date returned and a $10 administrative fee will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Temporary parking permits are available for $5 a day to students who do not purchase an annual permit.  Temporary permits may be purchased on the day they are needed and may be issued for more than one day at a time.

Scratch-off permits are available at a cost of $5 per day and may be purchased in advance and used when needed. The scratch-off permit is valid for one day (12:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM). The appropriate month and day must be completely scratched off when the permit is displayed to be considered valid.

Contact Parking Services at 540.568.3300 if you have additional questions.

Parking Services relies on permit fees and citation revenue to support the costs of operating our department  including but not limited to: construction of new parking areas, maintenance of existing parking areas, personnel, snow removal, lighting, etc.

Do not park at a malfunctioning parking meter. A vehicle parked at a malfunctioning parking meter is subject to a $25 fine. If you encounter a malfunctioning parking meter, please report it to Parking Services immediately at 540.568.3300. Parking citations received at a malfunctioning meters prior to notification will not be dismissed.

Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This includes summer sessions, breaks and holidays.

Please park your vehicle within your assigned permit area while you are away.

Yes, regulations are enforced 24 hours a day.  Evening permits are available to commuter students and are valid from 4:00 PM to 7:00 AM Monday through Friday, and during the weekend, from 4:00 PM Friday through 7:00 AM Monday.

You may pick up a temporary loading/unloading permit from Parking Services. There is no charge for a temporary loading/unloading permit if you already possess a valid JMU parking permit. The fee for a temporary loading/unloading permit is $3 if you do not currently have a valid JMU parking permit. You may not create your own space, park on sidewalks or grass to gain closer access to a building.

If you are in doubt, contact Parking Services at 540.568.3300 to inquire. A professor or friend may intend to be helpful, but will not be responsible for your citation. If you stay for any length of time, your vehicle is still illegally parked and subject to a citation.

Parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As a general rule, students may not park vehicles on campus during their freshman year. Exceptions are sometimes made in certain circumstances, but space is limited and permits are issued on a first come, first served basis. Contact Parking Services for more information.

A commuter student may purchase a 2nd commuter decal or motorcycle decal for $10.00 after presenting registrations for both vehicles.  Both vehicle registrations must be presented at the same time.  Students that are married are not permitted to purchase a second permit for $10.  Each individual must purchase a permit based upon their individual status.

Yes, notes left on vehicle windshields are not justification to park illegally. Enforcement officers will disregard notes left on vehicles.

No, permits may not be laminated or taped to the vehicle and should be completely affixed using the self-adhesive decal.  A permit that is improperly affixed to a vehicle constitutes a parking violation.

Lot information is posted at the entrance to each lot. You may also utilize the Campus Map, the Lot Search and the Lot Directory.

If you are at all uncertain about whether or not it is appropriate to park your vehicle at a particular location, contact Parking Services at 540.568.3300 to inquire before parking your vehicle.

Parking Services provides visitors with parking permits at no charge during our normal business hours (7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Monday through Friday). Visitors who arrive at times other than those specified above should park in R1, R2, or R4 Lots and obtain a permit from Parking Services as soon as possible. Visitors are not required to display permits after 3:00 PM on Friday through 7:00 AM Monday and may park in Commuter and Resident lots.

Note: A visitor is an individual who is not enrolled at, compensated by or employed as an affiliate of James Madison University.

Semester permits are only available to students who are part-time, will be graduating in December, participating in a spring internship, student teaching or studying abroad in spring. If you fall into one of these categories but only see the full-year option when attempting to purchase your permit, please contact our office at 540.568.3300.

Contact the Office of Public Safety at 540.568.6913 for a safety escort. Safety escorts are available to any student on campus, free of charge. Escorts are provided by carefully screened and trained student employees known as the Campus Police Cadets.

Bring the registration or rental agreement for the loaner vehicle to the Parking Services office to obtain a temporary permit.

If you have a new vehicle, bring the parking decal from the previous vehicle and the registration for the new vehicle to Parking Services for a decal exchange.  There is no charge for an exchange if the original decal is returned to Parking Services.

If you have the same vehicle but a new license plate number, present the new vehicle registration to Parking Services to update your vehicle record.

No, parking permits are non-transferable.  A vehicle displaying a permit that was issued to someone else will be subject to an Invalid Permit citation.

Vehicles displaying both a valid accessible permit and JMU permit (excluding Remote Lot permits) may park in any general space in any lot, at parking meters without needing to feed the meter and may park in specially marked spaces unless there is a sign that specifically prohibits accessible parking.

No, there are certain violations that do not carry a fine for the first infraction but that does not apply to all violations.

The first citation for having an Unregistered Vehicle has a fine of $0 and all subsequent citations have a fine of $100.

The first 3 citations issued for Failing to Display your permit have a fine of $0 and all subsequent citations have a fine of $5.

Email your questions to or call 540.568.3300.

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