Accessible parking spaces are exclusively intended for the use of those persons posessing a valid JMU Parking permit and displaying a valid Accessible permit (dash card, hang-tag or license plate) issued by a state, province, or James Madison University. If displaying an Accessible permit from the rearview mirror, the information printed on the Accessible permit should be visible through the front windshield.

Any vehicle parked on university-owned or leased property is required to register for a virtual permit in conjunction with an Accessible permit. Vehicles that possess an active virtual parking permit (excluding Remote Lot permits) and a valid accessible parking permit/plate may park in any general space in any lot, in metered spaces without needing to pay the pay station, and may park in specially marked spaces unless there is a sign that specifically prohibits accessible parking.

Possession of an Accessible permit does not authorize the driver to park in fire lanes, park on the grass or grounds, block another vehicle, park on sidewalks, pavers or obstruct the flow of traffic. Vehicles are prohibited from parking in Accessible access aisles (the striped areas next to Accessible spaces) regardless of whether the vehicle is displaying an Accessible permit.

Any member of the university community who possesses a current, valid accessible parking permit is eligible to obtain a gate permit at no charge through the Office of Parking and Transit Services. In order to obtain a gate permit to access accessible parking within the gated area, the user will need to complete an Accessible Gate Permit Request Form, present a valid accessible parking permit, and if applicable, the associated ID card issued in conjunction with their accessible parking permit. Requests made in person, with all required documentation, will be fulfulled at the time of the request. The Accessible Gate Permit Request Form can be obtained in person from Parking and Transit Services or online at

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