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Resources to Use for Self-Acceptance



  • 12 Ways to Accept Yourself:
    • This is a collection of 12 ways to accept yourself as told by clinicians. A great resource for a mentor to use with their students dealing with self-acceptance issues. 


  • Self-Acceptance
    • Exercise that is designed to help you challenge your belief that you’re hopeless or a failure. Gives you alternative thoughts to help you increase your self-acceptance.

On Campus Resources

  • Counseling Center: (540) 568-6552 | SSC Suite 3100 
    • Offers assistance for students with background of depression or anxiety, students in a bad situation, students who feel lost at JMU.
  • University Recreation: (540) 568-8737
    • UREC offers over 300 non-credit educational programs a year as well as credit-based courses. UREC is also a gym and one of the largest employers of students on campus.

Other Resources

    • Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and Facebook are all places you can find interesting podcasts in varying topics.


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