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Resources to Use for Positive Relations with Others 


  • Volunteering and its Surprising Benefits:
    • Volunteering has four main benefits: connecting you to others, improving your mind and body, advancing your career, and bringing fun and fulfillment to your life.
  • Making Good Friends:
    • Article about the benefits of friendship, what to look for in a friend, how to be more social, how to meet new people, how to overcome obstacles to making friends, and how to be a better friend.

On campus resources

  • Communication Center: (540) 568-4818 | SSC 1143 
    • The Communication Center can be utilized to reduce speech-related anxiety and experiment with and develop communication skills.
  • Center for Global Engagement: (540) 568-5209| Holland Yates Hall (formerly Madison Hall), Second Floor
    • The Center for Global Engagement promotes and encourages a critical awareness of world issues; knowledge of and an appreciation for other cultures, languages, and belief systems; a sense of global community; and a commitment to engagement at the international level.
  • Center for Multicultural Student Services: (540) 568-6636 | Taylor Hall 207
    • Provides educational and celebratory programs and services that support an inclusive campus community in which members value diversity within themselves and others.
  • Community Engagement and Volunteer Center: (540) 568-6366 | SSC Suite 2100
    • The Community Engagement and Volunteer Center cultivates positive social change through mutually beneficial service partnerships, critical reflection, and the development of engaged citizens through our values of humility, intentionality, equity, accountability, service, relationships, and learning.
  • Office of Disability Services: (540) 568-6705 | SSC 1202
    • Provides programs and services that support the university in creating inclusive, equitable environments that value disability, diversity and accessibility.
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life: (540) 568-4195 | Madison Union 404
    • Join a Social Fraternity or a Sorority to become more active in the community.
  • Learning Centers: (540) 568-2932 | SSC Rooms 1100-1167
    • The Learning Centers offer free tutoring by trained faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Their six programs offer discipline-specific, customized instruction to help JMU students take their learning to the next level.
  • XLabs events: (540) 568-7447 | Lakeview Hall 1150
    • Workshop details listed on their website. XLabs’ Open Lab is Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 2:30pm.
  • Movies at Grafton:
    • Free on campus movies available to students and staff with a valid JACard. Movie titles and dates are listed on their website.
  • Forbes Center:
    • Performance details and times listed on their website.

Other resources

    • Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, and Facebook are all places you can find interesting podcasts in varying topics.


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