The provisions of this policy govern the placing and removal of public notices on bulletin boards and display cases on the JMU campus. The primary purpose of the posting policy is to ensure the wise use of available space, balancing the need for effective and orderly promotion, maintenance of facilities, and avoidance of littering. No information will be posted that is inconsistent with the educational mission of the university.

Posting of information and/or announcements is limited to two flyers/posters on all general-purpose bulletin boards. All information and/or announcements must be pre-approved at one of the University Unions information desks and comply with the information standards prior to their posting on any public JMU space designated for the dissemination of information.

JMU Policy 3104

Information Desk Locations:

Festival Conference and Student Center, 2nd Floor, 540-568-6071

Taylor Hall, 1st Floor, 540-568-7853

Warren hall, 2nd Floor, 540-568-5555

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