Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer short term clinical services such as group therapy, specialized treatment programs, individual therapy, couples therapy, psychiatric services, case management services, consultation services, outreach services, and also have self-care spaces. We also have therapy dogs that work in our space.

Is there a fee for counseling services?

No. We are a free and confidential space for all JMU students.

Is there a limit to number of session per semester?

No, we do not have a session limit. However, in order to meet clinical demand, we do work from a short-term model. We assess students’ needs and match them to the service that would best meet that need, whether that be group therapy, a specialized treatment program, and/or individual therapy through us or a referral to a community provider who can provide longer-term therapy.

Will my parents or anyone else know that I came to the Counseling Center?

The only times that we will ever release your information is when you give us permission or where it is mandated by law.

Can I make an appointment for my friend/myself?

Typically, we have a walk-in model Mondays-Fridays from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and so you would not need to call to make an appointment. Due to current in-person restrictions, however, we are now asking that you call to get connected to services. However, depending on your availability the day that you call is the day that you would speak with one of our clinicians. We hope to move back to using our walk-in model in the Fall. Please check our website for the most up to date way of how to connect to our services.

Do you offer undergraduate level internships or volunteer positions?

We have a multicultural peer mentor program as well as a PSYCH 402 class “Counseling Center Internship” for undergraduate juniors and seniors majoring in psychology or majoring in biology and minoring in psychology. We do not have volunteer positions due to confidentiality reasons.

I have a therapist back home or a psychiatrist back home and have been recommended to transfer my care to Harrisonburg. How can I do this? Can you help me with this process?

Yes, we can definitely help even before you arrive at JMU in the Fall! You can call us at 540-568-6552 and ask to schedule a Counseling Connections appointment. This is a 20-minute phone consultation where you will be able to speak with one of our clinicians to assess your needs and be provided with recommendations to meet those needs.

Can I get a refill of my medication through the Counseling Center?

If you are being seen by one of our Psychiatric providers, yes. If you see a provider back home or in the Harrisonburg community, you’ll need to contact them for the refill.

Do you prescribe ADHD medication?

Counseling Center psychiatric providers do not prescribe ADHD medication. You will need to become established with an off-campus provider.

Do you do any testing for ADHD or Learning Disabilities?

We do not provide ADHD or learning disability assessments. You can obtain a free on-campus screening at the Office of Disability Services or schedule a thorough assessment, which is needed for accommodation documentation, from a local provider.

I need accommodations, would the counseling center be where I need to go to ensure they get put in place?

No, the Office of Disability Services is where you would go.

How can I know when the therapy dogs are on campus and/or available to hang out with during outreach events?

Follow us on social media: @jmucc_canines on Instagram and JMU Counseling Center on Facebook.

What are the therapy dogs’ names?

We currently have four active therapy dogs named Calla, Gracie, Wicket, and Walter. However, you may see posts on our social media from our retired therapy dogs, named Francis and Jake.

I’d like to know more about your center and staff as a whole…

Of course! You can check us out on our website which has great information about our services, staff, as well as self-help and virtual resources!

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