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Opening Camp Meeting

MRD Camp will officiall begin at 3:30 PM on Sunday, August 18, 2019 with a meeting on the upper Quad in front of Wilson Hall (see enclosed map).  Instruments are NOT required at this meeting, but will be needed after dinner for our first rehearsals. All MRD's should plan to meet in front of Wilson Hall by 3:30pm. In case of rain/inclement weather, we will meet inside Wilson Hall.

CLICK HERE for a campus map of MRD Camp/Season locations.

Sunday Schedule

Please review the schedule for the first day of MRD Band Camp. With everything that takes place during this first day, it is necessary for all members to be informed and responsible for reporting to the appropriate locations at the assigned times. PLEASE PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO SCHEDULE UPDATES DURING BAND CAMP (and the season), AS TIMES AND LOCATIONS MAY BE ADJUSTED DUE TO POTENTIAL INCLEMENT WEATHER CONDITIONS OR FACILITY AVAILABILITY.



CLICK HERE to download the 2019 MRD Camp Opening Day Schedule.

Basic Camp Schedule

The MRD Camp Schedule will follow this basic outline each day, with a few exceptions (listed below):

8:30AM Morning Sessions
11:30AM Lunch Break
1:00PM Afternoon Sessions
5:00PM Dinner Break
6:00PM Evening Sessions
8:30PM Evening Activities

Important times during the week
  • Thursday, August 22 - NO morning or afternoon rehearsals (Freshmen Orientation)

  • Friday, August 23 - MRD Performance @ Freshman Pep Rally (7:45pm)

  • Saturday, August 24 - Final Camp Rehearsal (TBA) - JMU/HARRISONBURG BLOCK PARTY PERFORMANCE @ 3:30PM

  • Monday, August 26 - FALL CLASSES BEGIN!   MRD Sectionals (6-7:15pm)

  • Tuesday, August 27 - FIRST MRD REHEARSAL at Bridgeforth Stadium6-7:30pm

Regular Season Rehearsal Location & Times

The MRDs have sectionals each Monday from 6:00pm - 7:30pm, these locations vary by section.  We hold full-band rehearsals Tuesday-Friday from 6:00 - 7:30pm in Bridgeforth Stadium.  A couple times each season we will also have a Saturday morning rehearsal - these times vary depending on the time of the game later that day.

The MRDs will not have Friday rehearsals on Off-Weekend Fridays.  If there is no performance that weekend, we will not have rehearsal.  This allows our members to enjoy what little bit of down-time we have each season.

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