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New Member, Percussion & Guard Rehearsal Day

We will be hosting a one-day rehearsal on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 with all new members and the full MRD Percussion Section and Colorguard.


The MRD Camp Schedule will follow this basic outline each day:

9:00 AM     Meeting at Bridgeforth Stadium

10:00 AM   Section Meetings around Bridgeforth Stadium

11:30 AM   Lunch at D-Hall/E-Hal

1:00 PM     Sectionals (Locations TBD)

2:30 PM     Break 

3:00 PM     Visual Block (Winds Only!) at Bridgeforth Stadium

4:30 PM     Full Meeting (winds, percussion, and guard) at Bridgeforth Stadium

5:00 PM     Dinner at D-Hall/E-Hall

6:00 PM     Wind Placement Auditions (Locations TBD)


New Members will receive more detailed information during the Check-In process.

Regular Season Rehearsal Location & Times

For the 2020 Season, due to COVID-19, our rehearsal schedule has changed:

The MRDs rehearse Monday - Friday from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM at Bridgeforth Stadium.

The MRDs also have select Saturday Morning rehearsals, T.B.D.

The Marching Royal Dukes have sectionals on Mondays, and ensemble and drill rehearsals on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at Bridgeforth Stadium.  Additionally the MRDs rehearse on Fridays when there is a home game, or MRD performance scheduled that weekend.  The MRDs also have Saturday morning rehearsals prior to some home football games.

COVID-19 Details

The MRD COVID-19 Mitigation Plan is now available.  A link to this document has been shared with all members via email.


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