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Percussion Auditions 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019


CLICK HERE to download an itinerary for the day.


If you're interested in getting your chops in shape before the audition packet is released, take a look at our Chop Out Packet 2019.



Percussionists must follow procedures below, as well as attend the designated audition day.

All auditionees must visit fill out the MRD Membership Form before attending auditions.

Those interested in auditioning for the Drumline AND/OR the Front Ensemble MUST submit a pre-screening video by June 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM.  No late videos will be accepted. Once the staff has reviewed the videos, those selected will be invited to the live audition.

You may audition on as many instruments as you would like, be open to moving around to other instruments that you have never played before. 

  • If you do NOT submit a video, you WILL NOT be considered for the Drumline or the Front Ensemble.
  • If you are NOT able to make the live audition, you will have an EXTRA portion to the video assignment. 

General Video Requirements:
  • Only submit a video for your TOP CHOICE instrument. You do NOT need to submit multiple videos to be considered for multiple instruments for the live audition. (Unless you cannot attend the live audition.)
  • Snare players should use traditional grip for all exercises, except for the specified pieces to play in matched grip.
  • Bass Players, please indicate which drum is your top choice, and play those splits for the entirety of the video. 
  • Front Ensemble auditionees who are not comfortable with 4 mallets should play the 2 mallet exercises.
  • The metronome MUST be on in the background loud enough that the viewer can hear the click over your playing.
  • Post the video to YouTube, set to public or unlisted (NOT PRIVATE), then submit the link at the SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO button on the MRD website. If possible, please submit ONE video with all exercises. If it is not possible, you can submit more than one link. 
  • You DO NOT need to play on a drum for the video, a drum pad is fine. If you have access to a drum, you may play on one for the video. 
  • If you do not have access to cymbals or a front ensemble instrument, please reach out to the staff to discuss other options. 
  • Some exercises are provided that are NOT a part of the video audition. Make sure you are still learning those are a variation of tempos.

Audition Packets

2019 JMU Snare Audition Packet

2019 JMU Tenors Audition Packet

2019 JMU Bassline Audition Packet

2019 JMU Cymbals Audition Packet

2019 JMU Front Ensemble Audition Packet



Video Requirements:

8’s and 8’s Splits: Tempos 120, 150, & 180

    • **Snares: One rep of each tempo in Traditional Grip, one rep of each tempo in Matched Grip.**
    • Tenors: One rep of each variation at every tempo.
    • Basses: One rep of Unison, 1’s and 3’s at every tempo. (This is not a typo. The live audition will require you to play unison, 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s)
    • Cymbals: N/A. Visual exercises will be taught on Audition Day.
    • Mallets: One rep of 8’s and Splits at each tempo


Rolls: Tempos 140 & 160

    • Snares: All variations at each tempo. (Traditional Grip)
    • Tenors: All variations at each tempo.
    • Basses: All variations at each tempo.
    • Cymbals: N/A. Visual exercises will be taught on Audition Day.
    • Mallets: One rep at each tempo.


Dirty Diddles: Tempos 144 & 160

    • Snares: One rep at each tempo. (Traditional Grip)
    • Tenors: One rep at each tempo.
    • Basses: One rep at each tempo.
    • Cymbals: One rep at each tempo.

Dirty Dittles 144 Practice Track

Dirty Dittles 160 Practice Track


Whopper: Tempo = 114

    • **Snares: One rep in Traditional Grip, one rep in Matched Grip.**
    • Tenors: One rep.
    • Basses: One rep.
    • Cymbals: One rep.
    • Front Ensemble: One rep. (can play under tempo if needed)

Whopper Extra Pickles 100 Practice Track

Whopper Extra Pickles 114 Practice Track

Whopper Extra Pickles Front Ensemble Only 100 Practice Track

Whopper Extra Pickles Front Ensemble Only 114 Practice Track


You Did This! (Cadence): Tempo 114

    • Snares: Two reps of Beginning - A. (Traditional Grip)
    • Tenors: Two reps of Beginning - A.
    • Basses: Two reps of Beginning - A.
    • Cymbals: Two reps of Beginning - A.

You Can Do This! 100 Practice Track

You Can Do This! 114 Practice Track

*For those who cannot attend the live audition: one rep of the ENTIRE Cadence*


Cymbals Video Requirements:

These videos are references for the techniques required:

  • Cymbal players will mimick the techniques in the videos above.
  • Each exercise should be played at 140 BPM
  • Play 8 of each crash on downbeats, just like the video.
    • Types of Crashes include: Flat Crash, Crash Choke, Tap, and Suncoast (or Sizzle Suck)
Additional Front Ensemble Requirements: (required for ALL FE Auditionees)
  • Octaves: One rep at 120bpm
  • NJZ: One rep at 100 bpm


*If there is no way that you can attend the live audition, you must submit a video for EVERY instrument for which you want to be considered. You must also contact the staff with your reason for not attending the live audition* 

For anyone who cannot attend the live audition:
  • Please tell us WHY you would like to join the MRD’s, and how being a member of this program will benefit you.
  • Please play any of your old show music/solo works that showcase you as a player. 
  • Front Ensemble: Please play through any portion of your old show music/solo works that showcase you as a player. (preferably something with 4 mallets, but 2 mallets also works!)

For additional information, please feel free to join the Facebook Interest Group:

Information with details about this event are posted below and will be mailed to all prospective members.  

For more information regarding the Drumline and Front Ensemble audition process, please contact 
Rick Deloney at

Itinerary & Event Information

Percussion Auditions will be held at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts

  • Additional Details T.B.D.

Required Audition Materials and Pre-Audition Submission Portal (2019)

  Please click the button below to submit your video.

Location & Parking for Auditions

Auditions will take place on campus at the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts and the Music Building. The Forbes Center is located off of South Main Stree/Rte.11 at the west end of the JMU Quad. Parking for auditions will be in the Warsaw Parking Deck, conveniently located adjacent to the Forbes Center.

Registration will be held in Room 1115 on the first floor (signs will be posted).

For a campus map, visit

Our physical address for your G.P.S. is:147 Warsaw Avenue, Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Recommended Directions:

  1. Enter Harrisonburg from I-81 via Exit 245 (Port Republic)
  2. Travel WEST on Port Republic Road (you will pass a campus entrance on the right)
  3. Turn RIGHT onto Rte.11-N/South Main Street (after your turn, stay in the left lane)
  4. At the next stoplight (Warsaw Ave.), turn LEFT to access the Warsaw Parking Deck. The parking garage is adjacent to the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts.
  5. Exit the parking deck and follow the signs to the right to the Forbes Center entrance. Enter through the first set of doors on the LEFT side of the building.
What to Bring

All percussionists should wear appropriate clothing for practicing outside, and should bring your own sticks and mallets. Instruments will be provided.Please note that all audition sessions will be held outside (unless there is inclement weather), so please dress appropriately. In case of rain, we will have secondary locations reserved if necessary.

Specific Questions?

If you have specific questions about the audition processes, please feel free to contact our instructors: 
Paige Durr -
Rick Deloney -

Any questions about the event times, locations, etc. can be addressed by contacting the JMU Band Office at (540) 568-6656, or visiting the MRD website:

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