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Guard Auditions 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have moved all of our auditions for the upcoming season to an online platform.  All prospective MRD Colorguard members must submit a video audition in order to be considered for the 2020 team.  Please read below for more information.

Important Dates

Video Auditions & Colorguard Member Profile
Due June 1, 2020 by 11:59 PM EST

Virtual Interviews
June 20, 2020 (an email will be sent out with a sign-up sheet after video auditions are complete)

Video Audition Information

Welcome Video: 

Each prospective member must submit their video auditions by June 1, 2020 by 11:59 PM EST. Members will be required to submit 3 audition videos:

1. Technique Video

Breakdown of Skills:

Please complete this video using a metronome. 

This video should include the following technical skills (see video for skills breakdowns):


32cts jazz walks

32 cts jazz runs

32cts chasse

32 cts saute arebesque

16cts chaine turn combination left & right

16cts saute combination left & right


64cts dropspins with tendus right & left

64cts pole hits with passes right & left

Cones combination right & left: 32cts with hits & 16cts smooth

32cts hand flips with plie & relieve right & left

5 pole hit tosses

5 basic 45 degree tosses

5 one-handed 45 degree tosses

5 money-hand tosses

5 22.5 tosses

5 top stopper tosses (this is a challenge - just try your best!)

JMU Fight Song marching & spinning 32cts

RIFLE (optional):

100 Handspins right & left (optional body underneath - your choice)

Tosses - 3 of each toss up to your highest comfortable rotation (optional body underneath - your choice)


SABRE (optional):

100 Handspins right & left (optional body underneath - your choice)

Hilt Tosses - 3 of each toss up to your highest comfortable rotation (optional body underneath - your choice)

Blade Tosses - 3 of each toss up to your highest comfortable rotation (optional body underneath - your choice)

2. "Get it On" Video

Breakdown with Counts:

Breakdown with Music:

Learn one of our pregame routines called "Get it On!".  You can submit this using a metronome beat or to music.

3. Individual Performance Video

An Example: (Note: some of these example videos include multiple people - your submission should be ONLY YOU!)

This should be a link to only you performing an excerpt of a previous show, your own choreo, etc. Use something that you feel shows your performance quality and skills!

4. Past Performance Video (Optional)

A Few Examples:;;

Give us a link to a previous marching band or winterguard show you have been in!  And make sure to tell us where we can find you in the video!

**All videos must be uploaded to YouTube as either public or unlisted videos (not private).  Once uploaded, you can fill out our member information survey and paste your sharable link(s) at the end.  If you would like to be considered for weapon lines please make sure to include the additional information in the technique video.

Colorguard Member Profile:

Colorguard Member Profile

**The Colorguard Member Profile must be completed by the Video Audition Deadline, June 1, 2020.

**All prospective MRD Colorguard members should ALSO complete the MRD Member Form by the Video Audition deadline of June 1, 2020.

Virtual Interviews

We will conduct virtual interviews with each applicant on June 20, 2020.  Sign-ups for specific time slots will be emailed out after applications have been submitted.


If you have specific questions about the audition processes, please feel free to contact our instructors: 

Carly Philp -

Laura Milford -

Jessica MacIntosh -

Make sure to join the “2020 JMU MRD Colorguard Interest Group” at:

Follow us on Social Media!


Instagram: @jmucolorguard

Twitter: @jmucolorguard

Any questions about the event times, locations, etc. can be addressed by contacting the JMU Band Office at (540) 568-6656, or visiting the MRD website:

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