Note: Previously completed Checklists filed in departments are retained for five years after the employee’s job ended. Checklists for Supervisors of Separating Employees are subject to audit by an Auditor of Public Accounts or by JMU Audit and Management Services during the Library of Virginia’s five-year document retention period. See General Schedule 103 – Personnel records, Employee Personnel Records: Short Term, Series 012172, retention period of five years after separation, confidential destruction.

Your employee is leaving. Now what?

As the supervisor of an employee who recently informed you they are leaving your employment, you are strongly encouraged to attend to the following action items before your employee’s last day of work:

  • Request the employee’s resignation in writing or by email. This should include the date the employee intends to leave the university. Full-time employees may have unused leave balances and will need your guidance in determining an appropriate last working day.
  • Complete a separation ePAR immediately.
  • When applicable, complete an ePAR to end cell phone, internet, and vehicle stipends.
  • Direct the employee to the Benefits website and the classification tab which aligns with the employee’s position classification. See the Separating Employment link within the position classification tab. (Separating employees are emailed a link to the Benefits website as well.)

Supervisors are responsible for taking action before the employee separates from a position within their department.

  • Duo Tokens – Supervisors collect Duo token from the employee and return it to the IT Help Desk. (Note: The collected token cannot be distributed directly to a new hire as the token must be removed from Duo from the former employee’s account.) Supervisors may either return the token to the IT Help Desk on the 4th floor of the Student Success Center or send the token via inner-office mail to IT Help Desk, MSC 0602, Attn: William Case. Be sure to include the name of the employee the token was taken from.
  • Electronic Devices – Supervisors collect all electronic devices issued to the employee.
  • Electronic Door Access/ Elevator Access – The Building Coordinator or designee must initiate a request to disable access.
  • Grade Books (electronic or hard copy) – The Academic Unit Head shall obtain Grade Books in accordance with Faculty Handbook section III.A. 2. b. (15).
  • JACard – The employee may keep the JACard. This card is deactivated on the employee’s effective termination date.
  • JACard Balances – Money remaining on the employee’s JACard will be refunded on the employee’s last pay advice.
  • Keys – Keys must be returned to the FM Lock Shop by the supervisor, separating/transferring employee, building coordinator, or a designee. Keys may be mailed to the Lock Shop, MSC 7007, using an extra thick or double envelope packing method to prevent keys from being lost in the mail.
  • Library Materials – The employee must return all library materials and settle any outstanding fines or fees – Information on returns, fines, and fees is available on the JMU Libraries website.
  • Monies owed to the university (outstanding computer loan, course balances, etc.) – Monies owed to the university will be deducted from the employee’s last pay advice.
  • Parking Permit – The employee’s parking permit is deactivated on the employee’s effective termination date.
  • Small Purchase Card – This card is deactivated on the employee’s effective termination date. Advise the employee to submit an electronic form within the PeopleSoft Finance System to request to cancel their SPCC.
  • Telecom Services – Contact Telecom Services to update services: JMU phone number user; wireless device(s); conference card; pager.
  • Travel Charge Card – Collect this from the employee and return the Travel Charge Card to Accounts Payable.
  • Uniforms - Supervisors collect uniforms per their department’s protocol.
Email Considerations

(See JMU Email)

Access to your employee’s email account will be removed within 30 days after the end of employment for staff and most faculty, or 130 days after the end of employment for part-time adjunct faculty. Note that this is a maximum time and may be significantly shorter based on the recommendation of Human Resources.

Encourage your employee to:

  • Set an Out-of-Office reply indicating they are no longer at the university and include an alternative way to be contacted, if applicable.
  • Change mailing list subscriptions to their personal email address and unsubscribe from those the employee no longer wishes to receive.
  • Forward personal email in the JMU email account that the employee wishes to retain to a personal email address.
  • Change any non-JMU accounts (bank accounts, credit cards, social media, etc.) that use the employee’s JMU email address as a forgotten password recovery or account authorization method.

Employees who previously consented to receive their W-2 electronically, foregoing a paper copy, should access and print prior year W-2s before losing access to MyMadison. To receive the current year W-2 in a timely manner employees should make sure their address is correct in MyMadison.

Additional Guidance
  • Retiring employee – Consider recommending the retiring employee for Emeritus Status.
  • Termination for Cause – Seek guidance from your HR Consultant.
  • Under Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations, the university shall not rehire a former JMU full-time employee into a wage position until the employee has separated for a minimum of 26 weeks. Hiring supervisors should contact their HR Consultant or Recruitment Specialist for assistance when making re-hire decisions on any JMU employee recently employed in a full-time position at JMU and who wishes to return to JMU in any part-time capacity.

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