Instructional Faculty

Step 1:  Register for Faculty Welcome (Orientation)

Faculty Welcome (formerly known as New Faculty Orientation) is a one-day mini-conference that invites faculty to discover what JMU is about, refresh their career plans, update their skills, and strengthen connections to their colleagues. It is particularly designed for faculty who are new to JMU or who are newly tenured or promoted to full this year. It welcomes full-time as well as part-time faculty.

Faculty Welcome is held in August on the Monday before classes begin. To learn more about Faculty Welcome and to register please visit

Step 2:  Register for Connections Day

Connections Day is designed to build camaraderie and engage new employees at all levels and classification in learning more about the university and its mission.  Watch for details in your email or register online at

New employees are strongly encouraged to attend these events.


If you have questions, please feel to contact Human Resources at 540-568-3597.

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