Faculty Welcome

Date: Monday, August 19, 2019, 8:15 AM-4:45 PM.

Location: Festival Conference and Student Center, & Rose Library

Faculty Welcome (formerly known as New Faculty Orientation) is a one-day mini-conference that invites faculty to (re-)discover what JMU is about, refresh their career plans, update their skills, and strengthen connections to their colleagues. It is particularly designed for faculty who are new to JMU or who are newly tenured or promoted to full this year. It welcomes full-time as well as part-time faculty.

Faculty Welcome is an opportunity to meet new colleagues and become acquainted with the core characteristics and values of James Madison University. During Faculty Welcome, you will interact with a variety of JMU faculty, staff, administrators, and your new colleagues through an interactive series of experiences designed to introduce you to the academic environment at JMU. The day's program consists of large and small group activities that explore timely information about the university, and your role in this vibrant community.

To access information provided by Human Resources about new employee onboarding and benefits at JMU, visit the Dukes at Work web page for instructional faculty.  

Who attends Faculty Welcome?
  • All new full and part-time faculty who are new to JMU or who are newly tenured or promoted to full this year. Even if you have been at another institution, you should attend Faculty Welcome to meet new colleagues and explore the academic culture of JMU.
  • Invitations are sent via email to newly hired faculty in July. If you do not receive an invitation, please accept our apologies. You are still invited! It is hard to catch up with you during your moving process.
  • The CFI is committed to fostering programming that is welcoming, accessible and inclusive to all attendees. Use the link below for more information about the CFI plans for Faculty Welcome.  This page will also answer many frequently asked questions about the program.
Accessibility & Logistics
Faculty Welcome is designed to...
  • Welcome faculty (back) to JMU,
  • Provide faculty with opportunities for networking,
  • Enhance the success of faculty by encouraging a comprehensive approach to career planning,
  • Engage faculty in faculty development opportunities and initiatives,
  • Foster academic discussion of JMU administration, faculty, and student culture, and
  • Provide faculty with timely resources related to teaching, scholarship, service and more.

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