Dual Career and Community Resources Program is designed to be a gateway to campus and community for new faculty, staff and their families who have relocated to the area and was developed to complement departmental recruiting and retention efforts. The primary goal of the program is to ease the transition of new employees moving to our community by providing essential support in two key areas: Dual Career Services and Community Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How can the Dual Career and Community Resources Program help hiring managers and search committees?

James Madison University recognizes the importance of attracting and retaining the very best professionals in the field of higher education. The ability of a spouse or partner to find employment and for the family to become engaged in the community are crucial elements in the recruiting and onboarding process. The Office of Human Resources developed this program to complement your recruiting and retention efforts.  Services include:

Folders with Dual Career and Community Resources and Materials for Potential and New Hires

Department Heads and Search Committees can request informational folders with campus and community information that can be personalized and given out during the interviewing process or upon hire.

Dual Career Assistance

The program offers dual career services to help jumpstart a new employee’s spouse/partner’s local job search. Available services include:

  • General information on employment in the region

  • Referrals to job networking and career development resources

  • Job search guidance, resource and contact information on employment opportunities at local/regional employers Assistance with resume and interview preparation

  • Guidance in applying for positions at JMU and navigating the JobLink website in accordance with JMU hiring policies and procedures

Community Resources

The Recruitment Specialist is available to answer questions and offer referrals to campus and community contacts on a variety of areas including:

  • Area maps

  • Child care services

  • Local schools

  • Cultural arts and entertainment

  • Downtown map and information

  • Housing and real estate

  • JMU map/parking guide

  • Local and natural attractions

  • Local dining Sports and recreation

Information Discussions with Candidates and New Hires

Appointments can be scheduled for candidates and new hires to discuss specific needs with the Recruitment Specialist during the hiring process.  These discussions can be in-person or by phone.

 Who do I contact for assistance?

Consultation and support are offered by Alicia Proctor, Recruitment Specialist in the Office of Human Resources. You can reach Alicia at proctoan@jmu.edu or 540-568-7203.

 Who is eligible for the program?

The program is available to the families of prospective employees in the final stages of the recruiting process or recently hired full-time faculty or staff members relocating to the area.

 When should I refer a candidate to the program and what are the steps?

The candidate may be referred to the program during the final stages of the recruiting process or upon hire. New employees can seek assistance on their own, or a department may refer a candidate or new employee to us.

 How do I request informational folders for prospective employees or new hires?

Department Heads and Search Committees can request informational folders with dual career and community resources and materials for potential and new hires by contacting Alicia Proctor, Recruitment Specialist at proctoan@jmu.edu or 540-568-7203 . These materials can be personalized and given out during the interview process or upon hire.

 Where can candidates and new hires find information about the Dual Career and Community Resources Program?

The program has it's own website with valuable information and resources on Dual Career Services and Community Resources.  Also, a program highlights and frequently asked questions sheet can be downloaded from the website and shared with prospective and new employees.

 Do I need to provide information about the program to all newly hired employees?

This program is intended for the families of newly hired faculty and staff who will be relocating to this area to work at JMU.

 My candidate or new hire requires a resource that is not listed, what do I do?

The Recruitment Specialist, Alicia Proctor, proctoan@jmu.edu, 540-568-7203 will be happy to assess and respond to your specific request.

 Will this program create a position for my newly hired employee's spouse/partner?

While the program provides invaluable support in job search efforts, the university cannot guarantee job placement for family members. The program will offer connections and guidance, but will not interfere with JMU hiring policy or practices.

Hiring managers and members of search committees involved in recruiting will need to balance their desire to be encouraging to candidates about the university’s commitment to working on dual career issues, and the need to avoid creating the perception that we can guarantee the spouse/partner a job. It is important to provide realistic but positive information about the job possibilities inside and outside the university depending on the spouse/partner’s field and interests.

 Where does Dual Career and Community Resources Program fit into the university's organizational structure?

The program is offered by the Office of Human Resources, located in the Wine-Price Building on the JMU north campus at 752 Ott Street and is administered by the Recruitment Specialist, Alicia Proctor, proctoan@jmu.edu, 540-568-7203.

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