The Dual Career and Community Resources Program is designed to be a gateway to campus and community for new faculty, staff and their families who have relocated to the area. The primary goal of the program is to ease the transition of new employees moving to our community by providing essential support in two key areas: Dual Career Services and Community Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Human Resources developed this program to complement your recruiting and retention efforts. The ability of a spouse or partner to find employment and for the family to become engaged in the community are crucial elements in the recruiting and onboarding process. Support varies from guidance on community resources to assisting the relocating spouse/partner with their area employment search. Services vary based on each finalist or new employee’s needs. 

Dual Career and Community Resources Materials for Potential and New Hires

Once a search committee chair notifies their Recruitment Specialist that finalist interviews are being scheduled for national searches, the HR Recruitment Specialist will reach out to each finalist to highlight information about the diversity resources available at JMU and the Dual Career and Community Resources Program. In that outreach, finalists are encouraged to follow up with HR if they would like to learn more or request additional personalized assistance.

Dual Career Assistance

The program offers dual career services to help jumpstart a new employee’s spouse/partner’s local job search. Available services include general information on employment in the region, referrals to job networking and career development resources, job search guidance, and more.

Community Resources

We are available to answer questions and offer referrals to campus and community resources to finalists and new hires to make the transition to our area as smooth as possible for both the new employee and their families.

Program services are available to the families of prospective employees in the final stages of the recruiting process or recently hired full-time employees relocating to the area.  Dual career services are provided to the new hire’s spouse/partner for a period of up to one year from the employee’s date of hire at the university or when they secure employment, whichever comes first.

You may refer your finalist candidates to the program during the final stages of recruitment. You may also refer new hires to this program if they mention that they have questions about the area or are seeking employment for their spouse/partner.

More details can be found on our website, which contains valuable information and resources.  Our program highlights flyer can also be downloaded from the website to print and share with prospective and new employees.

While the program provides invaluable support in job search efforts, the university cannot guarantee job placement for family members. The program will offer resources and guidance, but will not interfere with JMU hiring policy or practices.

Hiring managers and members of search committees involved in recruiting should balance encouragement about the university’s commitment to working on dual career issues with avoiding the perception that we can guarantee the spouse/partner a job. It is important to provide realistic but positive information about the job possibilities inside and outside the university depending on the spouse/partner’s field and interests.

If your new hire has a question about a community resource not listed, they are welcome to reach out to request information and we will make every reasonable effort to provide them with the additional resources or connections they need.

If you have questions about the program, please reach out to our Recruitment and Employment Services Team at jobs@jmu.edu or 540-568-7203 so that we can assist you further.

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